Google Ads for Black Friday: Skyrocket Your Sales This Season

Google Ads for Black Friday: Skyrocket Your Sales This Season

The holy grail of retail is undeniably Black Friday: the seasonal shopping bonanza where shoppers splurge out on as many products as their money could buy in order to take full advantage of the sales extravaganza. This, however, means that the Black Friday period is especially competitive, as retailers big and small will compete fiercely against one another to pull in as many clients as they can. And this is where Google Ads for Black Friday comes in.

By utilizing the immense power of Google's paid advertising channel, you can easily carve a space for yourself during the immensely competitive Black Friday period. As a Google Ads agency, we are very much capable of providing these kinds of results for you.

Not only have we seen it happen for highly competitive niches, but we've made it happen ourselves. And this is thanks to our many years of experience using Google's paid advertising platform.

If you're interested in what we have to offer and to see how we can create and implement a Black Friday Google Ads strategy that will blow the competition out of the water, read the rest of this page. Afterwards, don't forget to reach out to see how we can help your brand!

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What Is Black Friday Advertising?

But before we begin, what is Black Friday marketing?

In essence, Black Friday advertising is a strategic and aggressive paid marketing strategy that seeks to capitalize on the shopping frenzy that occurs during Black Friday.

Through the combination of having discounted products, jaw-dropping sales, and a forceful marketing strategy, your business could see significant returns.

Why Do People Advertise on Black Friday?

Since shoppers will be looking for eye-popping deals during the Black Friday discount bonanza, companies that offer irresistible sales on their products will attract a whole load of customers to their store.

This is why many companies decide to aggressively advertise their discounts on Black Friday, as they will attract even more customers, which means that they’re bound to make a profit thanks to the large number of sales they make.

And we cannot forget to mention the certainty that’s almost guaranteed with paid advertising: if you advertise your products through organic channels, like SEO (search engine optimization), your listings might easily get pushed down the search results because of bigger brands occupying higher rankings.

Why Is Black Friday Good for Businesses?

Since customers can secure extraordinary discounts during Black Friday, they would be much more willing to spend—in fact, some of them actively seek out products to buy, meaning that they only need a little nudge in the right direction to spend money at your store.

And when it comes to some “shop-till-you-drop” shoppers, those that have set aside a significant budget in order to secure as many deals as possible, they might make several purchases from your store—and you don’t need us to tell you the benefit in this.

And finally, not only can companies benefit from greatly increased sales during the Black Friday, but they can enjoy the other benefits that come with the increased traffic to their store: boosted brand awareness and the chance to secure a greater loyal clientele.

When to Start Advertising for Black Friday?

With something as time-sensitive as Black Friday, timing is one of the most important elements that you need to consider when advertising your Black Friday promotions; getting this wrong is a fatal mistake and could mean that your paid advertising strategy falls completely flat.

Ideally, you should begin advertising by the end of October or the beginning of November. This is due to the fact that the earlier you start advertising, the less tough the overall competition will be and the more time you’ll have for your Google ad campaigns to leave an impression on users that are seriously considering shopping on Black Friday.

That way, you’ll have carved out a space for your brand before the competition starts becoming too much for you to even fit in.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot begin advertising by late October or early November, then you should at least begin advertising 2 weeks in advance. If you don’t manage this date, then you might as well not advertise at all as the competition will be too stiff at that point.

Where to Advertise Black Friday Ads?

While Google Ads is an excellent option to advertise your Black Friday promotions, it should not be the only avenue for advertising. In fact, this is our advice for anyone that’s looking to integrate Google Ads into their overall marketing strategy: it should only be one piece of the puzzle and not the only option.

The ideal situation is to integrate as many marketing channels as your marketing budgets allows for in your overall strategy. This is why we strongly recommend that you make use of SEO, organic social, paid social, and maybe even email marketing into your Black Friday marketing strategy.

That way, you’ll be making use of as many marketing channels as possible, guaranteeing that you’ll be achieving the maximum possible reach for the marketing budget that you’ve assigned.

But it goes without saying that you ought to use these marketing channels with all of the best practices kept in mind: it’s useless using a marketing channel if you’re not making full use of it by implementing best practices.

How We Guarantee the Best Google Ads for Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly coming up and you have no clue how to use Google Ads or how you’re going to advertise your enticingly discounted products? We’re here to help.

With our many years of experience using Google Ads to promote companies from all sorts of industries, we’re confident that we can help you secure at least a slice of the Black Friday pie.

Below you can get a taster of our process, tailor-made for your industry, that will take your Black Friday ads and display them to shoppers that are most likely to become customers.

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Forget Generic – We Become Black Friday Experts in Your Niche

You wouldn’t try to sell surfboards to a landlocked audience, would you? Which is why Black Friday success hinges on a laser-focused understanding of your specific niche and its Black Friday buying frenzy.

Here at Ads Institute, we ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we become temporary members of your team, immersing ourselves in the world of your Black Friday offerings.

Here’s how this deep dive fuels your Black Friday domination:

  • Unveiling Your Black Friday Gems: We don’t just skim the surface. We pore over your product catalogs, understanding the unique selling points (USPs) of your Black Friday deals. For example, are you offering exclusive bundles? Or deep discounts on cult-favorite items? Or even free gifts with spending a certain amount? We identify the elements that will make your brand irresistible to Black Friday shoppers in your niche.

  • Target Audience Profiling: Black Friday shoppers aren’t a monolith. We delve into the psychographics and demographics of your ideal customer. Are they bargain hunters seeking the lowest price? Value-conscious consumers prioritizing quality at a discount? Trendsetters chasing limited-edition releases? This understanding allows us to craft hyper-targeted ad copy and visuals that resonate deeply with your audience.

  • Competitive Intelligence: The more we know about your industry, the better equipped we are to compete. Which is we analyze your competitor landscape, identifying their Black Friday strategies, historical deals, and potential weaknesses. This intel allows us to position your brand strategically, highlighting the strengths of your Black Friday offerings and ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

This deep-dive approach doesn’t just inform our strategy; it becomes the foundation for crafting compelling ad campaigns that speak directly to your niche’s Black Friday desires.

The Pre-Black Friday Simmer: Building Anticipation & Desire in Your Niche

The key to Black Friday success isn’t just about the storm itself – it’s about the simmer that leads up to it. We don’t wait for the shopping frenzy to hit; we start weeks in advance, orchestrating a strategic pre-Black Friday campaign designed to build anticipation and position you as the go-to destination for Black Friday steals within your niche.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Teaser Campaigns: We create targeted social media ad campaigns and email blasts that pique your audience’s curiosity. Think cryptic messages hinting at epic deals, exclusive sneak peeks at new Black Friday arrivals, or polls gauging interest in specific product categories. This gets your target audience engaged and plants the seed of Black Friday excitement in their minds.

  • Limited-Time Pre-Black Friday Offers: Spark buying excitement with strategic, time-bound pre-Black Friday discounts. Imagine offering a flash sale on a limited number of popular items or a tiered discount system that increases the closer they get to Black Friday. This creates a sense of scarcity and encourages early action from your audience.

  • Interactive Countdowns: Build anticipation with eye-catching countdown timers on your website and social media platforms. These visual reminders keep your Black Friday deals at the forefront of your audience’s minds and create a sense of urgency as the big day approaches.

By implementing this pre-Black Friday simmer strategy, we ensure your brand isn’t lost in the Black Friday noise. We ignite excitement within your niche, making them eagerly anticipate your Black Friday offerings and positioning you for a sales bonanza.

Keyword Alchemy: Transmuting Searches into Sales for Your Niche

Forget generic Black Friday keywords! We’re keyword alchemists, transforming broad search terms into targeted goldmines that scream “ready to buy” for your specific niche audience.

Here’s how we weave our keyword magic:

  • Deep Niche Keyword Research: We delve beyond basic “[your product category] black friday deals” searches. We research niche-specific long-tail keywords that target the unique needs and desires of your Black Friday shoppers. Imagine targeting highly specific terms like “vegan leather laptop backpacks black friday discount,” “black friday deals on ergonomic standing desks for home offices,” or “adjustable dumbbells black friday sale.” These hyper-targeted keywords attract highly qualified leads who are actively searching for the products you offer at a discount.

  • Understanding the Buyer Journey: We don’t just focus on transactional keywords. We map out the buyer journey within your niche, identifying keywords relevant to each stage. This allows us to target informational searches early on (e.g., “best black friday deals for fitness enthusiasts”) and capture high-intent purchasers closer to Black Friday (e.g., “black friday discounts on noise canceling wireless headphones under $200”).

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis: We don’t operate in a vacuum. We analyze your competitor’s keyword strategies, identifying high-performing keywords they might be neglecting. This allows us to target these under-exploited terms and capture valuable market share within your niche.

  • Negative Keyword Magic: Not all traffic is good traffic. We implement a strategic negative keyword list to exclude irrelevant searches that won’t convert. This ensures your budget is spent attracting qualified leads actively looking for the Black Friday deals you offer.

By wielding the power of niche-specific keyword research, we craft a targeted keyword strategy that attracts high-intent shoppers during Black Friday. Our approach ensures your brand isn’t just another face in the Black Friday crowd; it becomes a beacon for enthusiastic buyers within your niche, ready to snatch up your deals.

Landing Page Alchemy: Transforming Clicks into Conversions for Your Black Friday Niche

Clicks are great, but conversions are the holy grail of Black Friday success. We don’t settle for just driving traffic to your landing pages; we transform them into conversion cauldrons, specifically designed to turn clicks from your niche audience into sales.

Here’s how we craft highly convincing landing pages for your Black Friday visitors to land on:

  • Niche-Centric Design: We ensure your landing pages visually resonate with your Black Friday shoppers within your niche. Imagine using lifestyle imagery that reflects how your products are used in their world, or incorporating niche-specific design elements that create a sense of familiarity and trust.

  • Black Friday Deal Hero Section: First impressions matter. We design a compelling hero section that prominently showcases your top Black Friday deals. This could involve clear, concise product descriptions, bold discount percentages, and high-quality product images that showcase the value proposition.

  • Clear & Concise CTAs: We don’t play guessing games. Our landing pages feature crystal-clear calls to action (CTAs) that tell your audience exactly what you want them to do – “Add to Cart,” “Shop Now,” or “Claim Your Black Friday Discount.” These CTAs should be strategically placed, visually distinct, and leave no room for confusion.

  • FOMO-Fueling Scarcity Elements: Sometimes, a little healthy fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a powerful motivator. We can incorporate strategic scarcity elements on your landing pages, such as limited-time offers, countdown timers highlighting the remaining time for a specific deal, or displaying limited stock availability. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action.

  • Seamless Checkout Process: We remove any roadblocks to purchase. We ensure your landing pages have a frictionless checkout process, optimized for speed and mobile responsiveness. This means no complicated forms, clear shipping information, and multiple secure payment options. A smooth checkout experience keeps your niche audience engaged and prevents them from abandoning their carts at the last minute.

By weaving these elements together, we transform your landing pages from generic click magnets into conversion powerhouses specifically designed to resonate with your Black Friday niche audience. This approach ensures clicks translate into sales, maximizing your Black Friday return on investment (ROI).

Ad Extension Arsenal: Supercharge Your Black Friday Ads

Ad extensions are like the secret weapons of Google Ads, and we wield them like masters to amplify your Black Friday campaign within your niche.

Here’s how we leverage a diverse arsenal of extensions to ensure your ads stand out and convert:

  • Promotion Extensions: It’s a no-brainer! We prominently showcase your Black Friday discounts directly in your ads using promotion extensions. Imagine your ad featuring a bold “50% Off All Running Shoes” next to your business name, instantly grabbing the attention of niche shoppers hunting for Black Friday deals.

  • Location Extensions: Make sure local shoppers know exactly where to find your Black Friday bonanza! We utilize location extensions to display your store address and phone number directly in your ads. This is particularly valuable for niche businesses with a physical presence, allowing local customers to easily plan their Black Friday shopping trip.

  • Sitelink Extensions: Don’t just send them to your homepage. We leverage sitelink extensions to showcase specific Black Friday landing pages or product categories relevant to your niche. Imagine an ad featuring a sitelink extension leading directly to your “Black Friday Fitness Gear Deals” page, instantly connecting niche shoppers with the products they crave.

  • Call Extensions: Cater to the impulse buyers! We can incorporate call extensions, allowing niche shoppers to connect with your sales team directly from your ad. This is particularly effective for high-value items or products requiring expert guidance, allowing customers to ask questions and make informed Black Friday purchases.

  • Structured Snippets: Highlight USPs that resonate with your niche. Imagine featuring a structured snippet emphasizing “Free Lifetime Warranty on All Black Friday Purchases” for sporting goods or “Free Gift with Every Black Friday Toy Purchase” for a toy store. These snippets add depth to your ads and showcase the extra value you offer during Black Friday.

By strategically deploying a diverse mix of ad extensions, we transform your Black Friday ads from basic text to information-rich powerhouses within your niche. This approach ensures your ads capture attention, provide valuable details, and ultimately convert clicks into Black Friday sales.

Bidding Alchemy: Turning Every Dollar into Black Friday Gold for Your Niche

We ditch the “set it and forget it” approach to bidding. We’re more like bidding alchemists, meticulously crafting data-driven strategies that maximize your ad spend during the peak shopping hours of Black Friday within your niche. Here’s how we transform every dollar into Black Friday gold:

  • Historical Data & Niche Insights: We leverage historical Black Friday data specific to your niche to understand peak shopping times and adjust bids accordingly. So, by way of example, we would analyze past Black Friday trends for sporting goods stores in order to identify the surge in searches for specific equipment right after Thanksgiving dinner. This allows us to strategically increase bids during these crucial niche-specific shopping windows.

  • Real-Time Bid Adjustments: We don’t sleep during Black Friday. Our team closely monitors campaign performance throughout the day, making minute-by-minute adjustments to bids based on real-time data. This ensures your ads are shown to the right people at the right time, even as buying trends and competitor strategies fluctuate within your niche.

  • Conversion-Focused Bidding Strategies: We go beyond just clicks. We employ conversion-focused bidding strategies like Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or Maximize Conversions. These strategies prioritize showing your ads to users most likely to convert into paying customers within your niche, maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS) during Black Friday.

  • Niche Audience Targeting: We don’t waste your budget on irrelevant clicks. We utilize niche audience targeting options like in-market audiences and customer lists to ensure your Black Friday ads are shown to users actively searching for products within your niche. This laser-focused approach ensures you reach the most relevant audience, maximizing the potential for conversions.

  • Competitor Bidding Analysis: Knowledge is power. We analyze your competitor’s bidding strategies, identifying potential weaknesses and opportunities. This allows us to adjust bids accordingly, ensuring your Black Friday ads remain competitive and capture valuable market share within your niche.

By wielding the power of data analysis, real-time optimization, and niche-specific insights, we transform your bidding strategy from a static cost into a dynamic tool for maximizing sales during Black Friday. Our approach ensures every dollar spent fuels Black Friday success within your niche.

Black Friday Command Center: Real-Time Optimization for Niche Domination

Black Friday isn’t a time to rest; it’s a time for relentless optimization! Our team transforms into your Black Friday command center, meticulously monitoring campaign performance, analyzing data in real-time, and making adjustments on the fly to squeeze every drop of sales potential out of Black Friday within your niche.

Here’s how we ensure your ads are constantly optimized for peak performance:

  • Niche-Specific Performance Dashboards: We ditch generic reports. We create custom dashboards that highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) most relevant to your Black Friday goals within your niche. Imagine tracking metrics like conversion rates for specific product categories popular in your niche, or monitoring click-through rates for Black Friday ad variations targeting niche demographics. This laser-focused approach allows us to identify areas for improvement and optimize campaigns specifically for your niche audience.

  • A/B Testing for Niche Optimization: We leverage A/B testing to compare the performance of different ad variations, landing pages, and CTAs specifically tailored to your niche audience. This allows us to identify the elements that resonate most with Black Friday shoppers within your niche, constantly optimizing your campaign for maximum conversions.

  • Real-Time Alerts & Adjustments: Our team is on high alert during Black Friday. We utilize real-time data feeds to identify sudden surges or dips in performance within your niche. Imagine receiving an immediate notification if a specific Black Friday ad targeting fitness enthusiasts in your niche experiences an unexpected spike in clicks. This allows us to adjust bids, optimize ad copy, or even shift resources to capitalize on these real-time niche-specific opportunities.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: We don’t rely on gut instinct. Every optimization decision is fueled by data. We analyze campaign performance within the context of your niche, historical Black Friday trends, and competitor activity. This data-driven approach ensures our optimizations are laser-focused on maximizing Black Friday sales within your unique marketplace.

By transforming campaign monitoring into a real-time optimization war room, we ensure your Black Friday efforts stay ahead of the curve within your niche. Our data-driven approach ensures you capitalize on every opportunity, squeezing every drop of sales potential out of Black Friday and propelling your brand to niche victory.

Black Friday Nirvana: The Results You Deserve in Your Niche

Forget generic Black Friday results: we deliver Black Friday Nirvana, a state of blissful sales dominance within your niche. Here’s how your Black Friday Google Ads campaign, fueled by our expertise, translates into tangible benefits:

  • Niche-Specific Traffic Explosion: Prepare for a targeted traffic tsunami overflowing with qualified leads hungry for your Black Friday deals. Imagine a surge of fitness enthusiasts visiting your website if you’re a sporting goods store, or a wave of fashion-conscious shoppers browsing your site if you’re an apparel brand. Our niche-focused approach ensures your Black Friday ads reach the most relevant audience, ready to convert.

  • Conversion Rates that Skyrocket: Say goodbye to lackluster conversions. Our targeted strategy ignites explosive sales growth. Picture Black Friday shoppers within your niche, captivated by your compelling ads, seamlessly navigating your optimized landing pages, and clicking that glorious “buy” button. This is the conversion magic we craft for your Black Friday success.

  • Niche Authority Unmatched: Dominate the Black Friday conversation and establish yourself as the undisputed leader within your niche. Imagine your brand synonymous with Black Friday excellence, the go-to destination for niche shoppers seeking the best deals. We craft campaigns that elevate your brand awareness and solidify your position as the Black Friday authority within your marketplace.

  • ROI that Outshines the Competition: We’re laser-focused on delivering a return on investment (ROI) that outshines the competition. Every dollar you spend on Black Friday Ads translates into maximized sales within your niche. We don’t just chase clicks; we chase conversions and ensure your Black Friday campaign delivers a financial victory.

Ready to Claim Your Black Friday Niche Throne?

Don’t settle for a generic Black Friday strategy that gets lost in the noise. Partner with Ads Institute and unleash the full potential of Google Ads.

We’ll become an extension of your team, diving deep into your niche, crafting targeted campaigns, and meticulously optimizing for Black Friday domination.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can turn Black Friday into your biggest sales day ever, within your niche. You’ll also benefit from a free 30-minute audit of your current campaigns, which gives us a better idea of how to formulate your paid advertising strategy.


Is $5 a day good for Google Ads for Black Friday marketing?

While you’re at liberty to set as low of a budget on Google Ads as you’d like, it’s often the case that you’ll be easily outranked simply because your budget is just too low to truly be able to compete. Otherwise, having too low of a budget will result in not being able to bid on the best keywords for your business. Therefore, we would suggest a minimum budget between $10–$20 a day.

What day do Black Friday ads come out?

While not every retailer begins advertising for Black Friday in the same period, it’s often the case that Black Friday ads start appearing midway through October. This is especially true for big brands that can afford to sustain longer periods of paid advertising.

When should I start advertising for Black Friday?

In our opinion, it’s advisable to begin advertising for Black Friday at least 2 weeks in advance. However, we also believe that the best course of action is to begin advertising by the end of October or start of November to ensure that your marketing leaves its mark, and that you’re not being continuously outranked by competitors with bigger pockets than yours.

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