Google Ads for Concrete Coatings: How We Advertise Your Concrete Business

Google Ads for Concrete Coatings: How We Advertise Your Concrete Business

If you're a concrete contractor that's looking to grow their business, then investing Google Ads for concrete coating is an avenue that you should seriously consider. Growing your online influence is one of the most important steps you can take in order to grow your business.

As a Google Ads agency, we've seen and taken many a company to increased growth and therefore, increased profits. This is despite the fact that Google Ads seems "expensive" at first; in reality, the expense is justified when it's offset by the returns that you receive from every customer generated via Google Ads.

The important thing, however, is that you trust your Google Ads management to a reputable concrete contractor marketing agency. Anything less, and you're risking a lot of wasted ad budget, which would burn holes in your overall finances. Needless to say, this isn't great for your bottom line.

We think that we'll be a great fit for your pay-per-click marketing. But how can we take your business to new heights through the power of Google advertising? Read on to find out!

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Does Google Ads Work for Construction?

Google Ads can work for every industry, no matter what it is. This is because of the nature of the advertising method.

Google Ads essentially places your ads front and center when users are looking for something particular, which happens to be one of the many reasons why Google Ads are worth investing in: they present your ads to users at the moment when they’re most interested in what you offer.

So, if a searcher is actively looking for concrete contractors, concrete coating services, etc., and your concrete ads prominently show up at the top of the search results, then that’s a potential click right there. Then, by creating a landing page that’s both beautiful and persuasive, we can nurture that click into a lead and that lead into an acquisition.

In other words, if we manage to convince that searcher who clicked on your ad why your concrete coating business is their best choice, then we’ve managed to acquire a new customer.

Repeat this process enough times and you’re well on your way to improved growth.

How We Guarantee the Best Google Ads for Concrete Coatings

But how do we actually provide you with the best possible Google Ads for contractors? Well, when it comes to concrete coating, we here at Ads Institute go beyond just keywords and clicks.

We understand the unique challenges you face, whether it’s targeting homeowners seeking a beautiful, chip-resistant garage floor or industrial contractors needing a high-strength, chemical-resistant solution for a warehouse. This industry knowledge allows our team to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with the specific needs of your ideal customer.

By way of example, we generally know that clients searching for concrete coatings for their abode often prioritize aesthetics and ease of maintenance, whereas commercial clients will look for factors like durability, safety regulations, and fast turnaround times.

However, despite the knowledge we already have about your industry, we’ll discover more about your business and your ideal customers during our strategization sessions at the beginning of our working relationship.

That way, we can better tailor your ad copy, landing pages, and keywords to speak directly to each audience segment, maximizing your campaign’s effectiveness and ensuring you connect with qualified leads who are ready to convert.

Keyword Mastery: The Cornerstone of Your Success

Extensive keyword research is the bedrock of any successful Google Ads campaign, and for concrete coating contractors, it’s no different.

Before we even touch your Google Ads account or set up any campaigns for you, we delve deep to identify not just high-volume search terms, but also high-intent keywords that signal a user is actively ready for your services. This means going beyond generic terms like “concrete coating” and uncovering specific phrases that reflect buying intent.

For example, targeting searches like “residential epoxy garage floor cost” or “commercial concrete warehouse sealant quote” puts your ads in front of qualified leads who are comparison shopping or nearing a purchase decision. This makes it easier to convince users to convert, lowering your total CPA.

Furthermore, we’ll incorporate location-specific keywords to ensure your business shows up in local search results. Whether you serve a specific city or a wider region, pinpointing relevant geographic terms like “[city name] concrete coating” or “[county name] industrial floor sealant” ensures you reach potential customers actively searching for services in your area.

This laser-focused approach maximizes your campaign’s efficiency and minimizes wasted ad spend.

Compelling Ad Copy: Craft Your Competitive Edge

Forget generic messages that blend into the background noise. We’ll craft compelling ad copy that grabs attention and resonates deeply with your ideal customer.

Imagine headlines that speak directly to their pain points and desires:

  • For a homeowner, it might be: “Tired of Cracked Garage Floors? Get a Beautiful, Durable Epoxy Coating Today!

  • For a commercial client: “Boost Warehouse Safety & Efficiency with High-Strength Concrete Sealants.”

But it goes beyond headlines. We’ll weave in the unique benefits you offer, whether it’s a lifetime warranty, a wide range of color options, or next-day installation in your ads’ text. This value proposition sets you apart from competitors and compels users to click and learn more.

We’ll also leverage powerful CTAs (calls to action) like “Get a Free Quote” or “Schedule Your Consultation” to nudge them towards the next step.

Remember, compelling ad copy isn’t just about words – it’s about understanding your audience’s psychology. By tapping into their desires and addressing their concerns, we create messages that are both informative and persuasive, propelling your Google Ads campaign towards success.

Hyper-Targeted Landing Pages: The Conversion Powerhouse

Clicks are valuable currency – we wouldn’t want them wasted on generic landing pages that confuse or overwhelm potential customers. That’s why our team creates custom landing pages specifically tailored to your concrete coating services.

These targeted landing pages act as a conversion powerhouse, seamlessly guiding users towards the desired action – contacting you for a free quote.

Here’s how it works:

  • Laser-Focused Content: The landing page content directly aligns with the ad copy that captured the user’s attention, making sure that your landing page scores high on the relevance criterion on Google’s Quality Score. Not only does this ensure a smooth transition and reinforces the specific benefits they’re seeking, but it can potentially reduce your overall CPC thanks to a higher Quality Score.

  • Visual Appeal: High-quality photos and videos showcasing stunning before-and-after transformations, a variety of color options, and the professionalism of your crew build trust and inspire confidence. Therefore, we’ll insert as many images as necessary in order to display your jobs well done.

  • Compelling Benefits: We’ll clearly communicate the unique advantages of your concrete coating solutions, whether it’s superior durability, easy maintenance, or a wide range of applications. This reinforces your value proposition, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • Frictionless Contact: Our landing pages emphasize ease of use, and so we purposely make them in order for users not to have to jump through hoops in order to get in touch with you. Which is why we’ll include prominent calls to action (CTAs) like “Get a Free Quote” or “Schedule a Consultation,” making it easy for them to connect with you and take the next step.

By creating hyper-targeted landing pages that resonate with your ideal customer and remove conversion barriers, we maximize your ROAS (return on ad spend) and turn clicks into qualified leads.

Meticulous Campaign Management: Your Ongoing Path to Success

Your Google Ads campaign isn’t a fire-and-forget operation; it’s a living entity that thrives on constant attention and optimization. That’s where our meticulous campaign management comes in.

We almost become an extension of your company, diligently monitoring performance metrics to ensure you get the most out of your advertising budget. We treat your paid ad campaigns as if they were our very own, pulling out all the stops to make sure that no ad budget goes to waste.

Here’s what you can expect from our work:

  • Performance Monitoring: we’ll keep a watchful eye on key metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and most importantly, conversions. This data provides valuable insights into how your campaign is performing and where optimizations can be made.

  • Data-Driven Adjustments: Based on the performance data, we’ll make strategic adjustments to your bids, ensuring you’re not overpaying for clicks while maximizing visibility for searches with high conversion potential.

  • Ad Copy Optimization: Winning ad copy is an iterative process. We’ll A/B test different headlines and descriptions to see which ones resonate most with your audience. This data-driven approach ensures your ad copy stays fresh, compelling, and continues to deliver exceptional results.

  • Keyword Refinement: The search landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your keyword strategy. We’ll regularly identify new, high-intent keywords that align with your target audience and remove any underperformers that aren’t generating qualified leads.

Through meticulous campaign management, we ensure your Google Ads campaign stays on the cutting edge, maximizes your return on ad spend, and delivers a steady stream of qualified leads ready to transform their concrete surfaces.

Transparent Reporting: Empowering You with Data-Driven Insights

Staying informed is key to success, and that’s why we prioritize transparent reporting in every Google Ads campaign we manage.

You won’t be bombarded with technical jargon; instead, we’ll provide clear, concise reports that empower you to understand your campaign’s effectiveness and track progress towards your goals.

Here’s what you can expect with our team’s reporting:

  • Regular Updates: Forget waiting weeks or months for campaign updates. We’ll deliver regular reports tailored to your preferred frequency, keeping you informed on the latest performance data.

  • Key Metrics Explained: The reports will detail essential metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and most importantly, conversions (leads generated). We’ll provide clear explanations of each metric, ensuring you understand what the numbers mean and how they impact your campaign’s success.

  • Visualizations for Clarity: Data visualizations like charts and graphs bring the information to life, making it easy to spot trends and identify areas for improvement.

  • Goal Tracking & Optimization: Your goals are our compass: the reports will track progress towards pre-defined objectives, allowing us to measure success and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

  • Open Communication & Collaboration: Reports are a springboard for discussion. We’ll schedule regular consultations to delve deeper into the data, address any questions you may have, and collaborate on strategies to further enhance your campaign’s performance.

By providing transparent and insightful reporting, we empower you to stay actively engaged in your advertising journey. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how your ad spend translates into real results, fostering a collaborative environment that drives continuous improvement and optimizes your campaign for maximum ROI (return on investment).

What Is Google Ads?

It’s useless trying to sell you a service when you don’t even know what the service basically involves. This is why we’re now going to take the time to explain exactly what Google Ads is and how it works.

First and foremost, Google Ads is Google’s official paid advertising platform, where users can directly pay Google in order for their ads to appear in any of the platforms that are offered as part of Google Ads. These platforms range from YouTube to Google Search to Google Play and even to websites that partner up with Google.

Secondly, Google works via an auction system, where marketers “bid” on certain keywords depending on how much they’re willing to pay for an engagement with one of those keywords. How much marketers bid on keywords will have an impact on the position their ad is displayed on Google Ads (known as “Ad rank”).

Finally, there are 3 main ways that you can pay Google to display your ads. These are CPC, CPM, and CPE:

  • CPC: meaning “cost-per-click,” this is when you have to pay for every click you receive on your ads.

  • CPM: meaning “cost-per-mille,” this is when you have to pay for 1000 impressions your ad receives; or, in other words, for every time your ad is viewed 1000 times.

  • CPE: meaning “cost-per-engagement,” this is when you have to pay for every time a user does a predetermined interaction with your ads.

Does Google Ads Charge for Impressions?

Firstly, let’s explain what an impression is for those that have no clue: an impression is marketing parlance for a “viewing,” or in other words, for every time someone views your ad, regardless of whether they clicked on it or not.

Google doesn’t generally charge for impressions; however, this is only true if you use a CPC or CPE model, where you only pay for every time a user clicks on your ad or engages with it. If a user only sees your ad and doesn’t click on it or engage with it in any other way, then you don’t need to pay anything.

On the other hand, if you opt for the CPM model, you’ll be charged for every 1000 impressions. When choosing to use this pricing method, then yes, you will be charged for impressions.


How do I promote my concrete business?

There are many ways that you can promote your concrete business, both online and offline.

When it comes to online marketing, other than Google Ads, you can also make use of social media and SEO for concrete coatings, for example. Using SEO means that you’ll establish your business’ presence on organic search on Google, or other search engines.

With social media, you can establish an online presence on social media sites like Facebook and TikTok, and gain new customers piquing users’ interest through social media posts. When it comes to offline methods of promotion, not all of them are applicable for concrete coating marketing, but some can prove useful.

For example, the most powerful offline method of promotion is word-of-mouth; therefore, you should prioritize doing a great job every time in order for satisfied customers to naturally recommend your services. Other useful means of promotion can be newspaper ads and radio ads.

Let us Grow your Business with Google Ads

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