Google Ads for Junk Cars: How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Google Ads for Junk Cars: How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you're interested in increasing your leads for junk cars and growing your junk car removal business in the process, then you've come to the right place. We here at Ads Institute provide many forms of PPC services, including Google Ads for junk cars and other related services. karo

Haven't heard of us before? Allow us to introduce ourselves: we're Ads Institute, a small Google Ads agency based in the US. We have a history of helping businesses achieve profitability and we're confident that we can help you turn your business into a profit-making machine.

Don't believe us? Allow us to explain how. 👇🏼

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How Do We Get You More Junk Car Leads?

But why should you choose us above all other Google Ads agencies? Great question.

Although small as a company, we’re big when it comes to our dedication to Google Ads and companies wishing to make a profit through selling their services and wanting to experience growth.

There are many aspects to our services, which we’ll be explaining in further depth below, but our work will generally consist of precise targeting, making sure that your ads are only shown to interested potential customers; the creation of convincing copy and creatives, ensuring that what’s displayed in your ads resonates with your visitors; and continuous optimization, which is where we see to it that your ads remain effective in the long term—and even get better.

But before we even get into all that, we’ll first hold strategization sessions with you in order to identify your marketing goals, understand more about your business, and so on.

After these strategy sessions, we can delve deep into making your ads for buying junk cars on Google outshine your competitors’.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Firstly, after understanding as much as we can about your business, we will take the time to create buyer personas—in other words, the kinds of people that would most likely require your services.

This is important because understanding the kinds of people we should be marketing to will help us when crafting ad copy and creatives. We have to make sure that whatever we publish as ads speak to your visitors as much as possible in order to convince them that your business is the ideal choice.

For instance, people looking for junk car removal services are generally in a hurry to rid of their car, looking for a quick buck, or even environmentally conscious.

Therefore, underscoring the environmental-friendliness of your business and its quick and efficient service might persuade a user to choose you over your competitors.

Zeroing In On Your Ideal Customers

Once we have identified who your ideal customers are, then we’ll target your ads to users that match the criteria that fit your buyer persona.

For instance, if we are looking for individuals that are looking to make some money quickly, then we can use Google’s targeting options to target individuals with a low household income.

Otherwise, when it comes to targeting people that are environmentally conscious, Google allows us to target individuals based on their search activity, and so we can target your junk car ads to people who display a lot of interest in environmental topics, such as recycling, greenhouse gases, climate change, etc.

Choosing the Right Keywords

It’s imperative to choose the keywords that will likely attract interested clients—and this is part of what our services involve. Before setting up any of your ads, we will perform a lot of research, including keyword research, to identify how you potential clients are looking up the service you provide.

For instance, important keywords to target would include “I have a junk car for sale,” “where can you junk a car?”, or “where to junk cars for money?” However, bear in mind that these are what we call “informational keywords,” that is, search queries where the user seeks to learn something.

This means that users won’t always be interested in scrapping their cars just yet and would prefer to learn more about how to sell their junk cars. With these kinds of queries it might be good to target them with SEO rather than Google Ads, although local service ads might prove useful.

If you want to target more “transactional keywords,” that is, keywords where users are looking to make a purchase, then we would compile a list of these keywords and start targetting them. These would include keywords like “we buy junk cars,” “junk cars for cash,” “sell my junk car,” etc.

Once we have our list of keywords, we’ll set them up on your Google Ads account and make sure that we’re targetting them smartly through keyword match types. We’ll also set up a list of negative keywords, which will be keywords that you don’t users to find your ads on.

For instance, if your junk car business requires proof of ownership for the cars being scrapped, then a keyword like “junk cars for cash no title” won’t be a good fit for your business.

Choosing Your Budget

Another important aspect of our services involves helping you identify how much you ought to spend on Google Ads every day and every month. Not only does having a daily and monthly budget help you in your financial estimations, but it also gives you an idea of the kind of results you’re likely to experience from Google Ads.

At the same time, it helps us strategize better by knowing how much you can spend. Depending on the budget you provide us with, we’ll be able to carefully choose what keywords to target based on their CPC (cost-per-click), competitiveness, search volume, etc.

By strategically fitting what keywords we work with to your budget, we can make sure that you’re getting enough value for money for the keywords we’re targeting and a good chance of maximizing your ROI (return on investment).

Is $300 for Junk Cars PPC Enough?

If you’re thinking of setting a monthly budget of $300, then we don’t recommend it—or else, we don’t believe that you’ll get anywhere with a budget that small. Although different industries require different budgetary amounts, there is still a certain amount of money that you should spend on Google Ads in order to be able to see results.

In fact, we recommend that small businesses don’t spend less than $1500 on Google Ads per month to see results. And the bigger your business, the more you’re going to need to spend. 

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking of spending $300 every day, then that’s a very good budget for a small to mid-sized business, especially a small business on the bigger end and a mid-sized business on the smaller end. With this kind of budget, you’ll see plenty of results, in even as little as a week!

Upgrading Your Ads With Ad Extensions

Ads extensions are additional features that can be tacked on to your ads at no additional cost. Enabling these extensions can improve your CTR (click-through rate, or the number of users who clicked on your ad vs those who just saw it).

There are many forms of ad extensions that can be utilized but by far the most important for junk car businesses are the following:

  • Call Extensions: these add a phone number to your ads so that interested users can immediately call your business.

  • Location Extensions: these add your physical location to your ads so that users looking for local businesses will be more interested in your services.

  • Sitelink Extensions: these add more links from your website to your ad; do this to provide more value for your ads, such as a page that explains your service in greater depth, or even other pages that explain other services.

These ad extensions can make your ads seem more attractive to users, increasing the likelihood of getting a click—and maybe even a customer.

The Art of Persuasion: Crafting Your Landing Page

Having effective Google Ads is only part of succeeding in the PPC world; the other part is having a fantastic and professional landing page.

A landing page is where a visitor ends up, or “lands,” after clicking your ad. Since a user has clicked your ad, it means that they’re interested in your services; however, if your landing page isn’t persuasive or looks amateurish, you could quickly lose that potential client.

That’s why we take pains to create landing pages that look great and speak to the user in a way that makes them understand that your business and services are the solution to their problem; in other words, our landing pages are created to be as relevant as possible to a user’s intention.

Finally, not only do we create landing pages that look good but also landing pages that “feel good;”what we mean is that this pages perform well across all devices and don’t take forever to load.

That way, we’ll make sure to secure that user and not risk having them leave in frustration.

Understanding How Your Ads Are Performing

Not only do we create effective and amazing ads for you; we also provide with easily understandable reports that you give an overview of how your ads are performing. 

So, we’ll omit any marketing jargon and make sure that the reports are brief, showing only the information that interests you the most. This information will consist of the metrics that matter most to you, your business, and your goals.

Therefore, you need to spend days sifting through meaningless information on pages-long reports when we provide you everything in bite-size chunks of relevant data.

Optimize & Manage Your Campaigns

Google Ads are far from being a set-it-and-forget-it marketing method; in fact, Google Ads require continuous tweaking in order to optimize them and make sure that they are performing as best as they could.

Moreover, we pay close attention to the data that we gather from tools like Google Analytics to make sure that whatever changes we perform on either your ads or your landing pages are having the desired effect.

Finally, whenever new marketing trends pop up, we’ll make sure to stay on top of them to understand their impact on your campaigns and make effective use of any new strategies that might have a significant impact on your paid advertising campaigns.

What Is Google Ads?

It’s useless trying to explain our services to you if you have no idea what Google Ads is and how it works. Which is why we’ll be taking the time to explain what the platform is and how it achieves results for business owners.

Firstly, Google Ads is Google’s very own paid advertising platform. In other words, marketers and business owners will pay money to Google in order to display their advertisements on Google’s several platforms. Where the ads will appear depends on the kind of ads you’ve chosen to make use of.

Google Ads works on an auction system where marketers will bid on keywords where they want ads to appear. Moreover, when it comes to payment for the ads, Google generally works on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis, meaning that you only pay whenever a user decides to click on your ads. Other payment options also exist, however.

Deciding on which forms of ads and what kind of payment options to choose will ultimately depend on your marketing goals.

Is Google Ads Worth It For Small Business Junk Car Dealerships?

It’s easy to wonder if Google Ads are good for your business, especially when you’re trying to keep expenses low as a small business. However, we can tell that despite the costs for Google Ads, paying for Google Ads is worth the money.

While we’re obviously biased, we’re telling you this in as objective a manner as possible. And this is because we intimately know the benefits of Google Ads and have seen the positive effects of an efficiently run campaign with our own eyes.

Among the many benefits of Google Ads, you can enjoy relatively quick results (much quicker than those attained through organic marketing methods like SEO); a lot of ways to control your spending; and a lot of options when it comes to targeting your audience.

If you’re still unsure about the value of using Google Ads, simply contact us to find out how we can help your business.

Best Google Ads for Junk Cars

The best paid ad campaigns for junk car services are those that combine well-researched strategies and effective executions so as to increase the maximum possible number of conversions for each ad.

This is why we do extensive research on the keywords that would make most sense for your business and which fit with your budgetary constraints, and combine them with effective use of audience targeting, ad extensions, and cleverly crafted ad copies, creatives, and headlines.

Not only that, but there are many more things that we can do to make your campaigns more cost-effective and be able to attract more clients. For instance, we could utilize the power of dayparting, which is when you instruct Google when to display your ads.

This is a great way of cutting down costs and making smart use of this feature of Google Ads. This is because it doesn’t always make sense to have your ads running 24/7, especially when your business has opening hours. Therefore, it makes more sense to align your ads with your opening hours.

If our services interest you, feel free to contact us for a personalized quote and a free 30-min audit!


How do I stop Google ads permanently?

If you feel as though Google Ads is not proving to be the right strategy for your business or you believe that you need to cut costs, then we can immediately stop your campaign. The process is simple and won’t take us more than 5 minutes. However, before we can do something so drastic, we’ll discuss the matter with you in order to identify potential solutions.

How much do your services cost?

We don’t have a fixed pricing for Google Ads services, and how much our services cost will depend on the complexity of your campaigns, the size of your budget, what services you require, and so on. It’s usually the case that no two clients will be priced the same amount, even if they operate in the same industry. If you require more details on pricing, contact us for a quote.

Can you optimize our already existing campaigns?

If you already make use of Google Ads, then we can definitely take a look at your current campaigns and optimize them in order for them to reach their maximum potential. In fact, if you contact us, you can benefit from a free 30-min audit of your ads campaigns!

How long does it take to start seeing results from Google Ads?

Not every business will see results in the same period; some businesses will see results immediately while others will have to wait a while in order to see results. This depends on budget size, industry competitiveness, and other such factors. If you make use of our services, however, we’ll give you a realistic timeline of when you can expect to see results from your paid ads.

How do you understand when Google Ads are working?

When we discuss your goals for using Google Ads, we’ll also identify what your most important KPIs (key performance indicators) are. These are the data points that matter most to your business and your marketing goals; for example, we generally track KPIs like CPA (cost per acquisition), conversion rate, and ROAS (return on ad spend). We’ll compile this data into easily digestible reports so that you can understand how your ads are performing.

Let us Grow your Business with Google Ads

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