Google Ads for Supplements: Data-Driven Strategies for Supplement Brands

Google Ads for Supplements: Data-Driven Strategies for Supplement Brands

Advertising supplements is tricky business: not only is the industry in itself highly competitive, but even if you try to gain a slice of the pie in the supplements industry through Google Ads for supplements, you need to stick the Google Ads healthcare policy to the letter or have your ads banned.

Therefore, knowing how to advertise supplements is both a science and an art. This is because you need to know the relevant Google Ad policies like the back of your hand, while at the same time making your supplement ads as enticing as possible without breaking any of the Google advertising restrictions. That's hard work, we can tell you.

This is where we come in: as a Google Ads agency, our expertise in Google Ads not only means that we know of all the best practices when it comes to advertising any kind of product in any industry, but we can make sure that your adverts don't breach any of Google's rules when it comes to promoting supplements.

If you're interested in learning more about our services, we suggest reading the rest of this page to know how we can help your brand.

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Can You Advertise Supplements on Google?

There is nothing at all stopping you (or us for that matter) from advertising supplements on Google. This is because there aren’t any explicit policies that ban the advertisement of supplements. In other words, Google Ads for supplement companies is a perfectly viable option if you operate in this industry.

However, this is not to say that everything goes in this industry: on the contrary, Google has a list of unapproved substances that they won’t allow on Google Ads. For instance, there are many weight-loss supplements and anabolic steroids that are banned outright, so you won’t be able to advertise any of those supplements on Google.

Moreover, another restriction that’s placed on the supplement industry is the fact that dynamic remarketing is entirely prohibited. This is because Google has restrictions on what it calls “personalized advertising,” under which dynamic remarketing falls. In other words, you cannot personalize your ads to users.

This represents a significant limitation on what is possible with Google Ads for supplements. Despite that, we still believe that we can make a lot of difference for your brand through Google Ads.

Google Ads Supplements Policy

Moreover, other than having lists of unapproved substances that will instantly cause your ads to be disapproved, there is also the Google Ads medical policy that we must always bear in mind when advertising in the supplements industry.

In fact, we must approach our strategy as if we’re working with Google Ads for healthcare, as Google considers the supplement industry as part of the health and pharmaceutical industry. There is a number of steps that we will take in order to make sure your brand is in line with these policies.

For example, in order to advertise certain products, you must acquire a Google Ads healthcare certification, which means that you’re certified by Google to advertise your products. This is the case if you want to advertise CBD supplements, for example.

Moreover, we also ought to be extra careful about the language we use when advertising your supplements as your ads could be disapproved. At the same time, there’s also the risk of your Google Ads account being suspended outright, simply because you used a “banned word” somewhere on your website.

What Is the Average Conversion Rate for Google Ads for Supplements?

If we’re going to be advertising your supplement business, one of the most important metrics that we will be looking at is conversion rate. Essentially, this is when you subtract the number of people who clicked on your ad and performed a desired action (e.g. made a purchase) from the total number of people who clicked on your ads.

Not everyone that clicks on your adverts will “convert,” so to speak: some of them will simply leave your site after browsing through it, or even worse, they’ll immediately bounce back from your site without even so much as taking a look at what you have to offer.

Having a higher conversion rate means that your advertising efforts are more effective at convincing visitors to perform whatever action you desire from them. In other words, it’s a measurement of how convincing your landing page is. And while it’s impossible to convince every visitor to convert (even the best companies hardly have conversion rates above 12%), boosting your conversion rate is still a worthwhile endeavor.

So, to close off, what’s the average conversion rate for the supplements industry? According to Varos, the average conversion rate for the “Vitamins & Supplements” industry, as they put it, was 3.8% in October of 2023. On the other hand, LocaliQ’s research shows that the “Health & Fitness” industry had an average conversion rate of 8.40% in 2023 while the “Sports & Recreation” industry had an average of 5.69%.

That means that, depending on the sort of supplements you’re selling, you could be looking at an average conversion rate of anywhere 3.8%–8.40%, which is well above the average conversion rate for Google Ads according to certain sources.

How to Advertise Supplements

Because of the difficulty of using Google Ads for your supplements brand, it would be unwise to depend entirely on Google Ads to grow your supplements business.

If you decide to contact us for our services, we will do our best to grow your business through Google Ads, and we’re confident that we will give you great results and help you grow in terms of brand awareness, revenue, and clientele.

But with certain limitations imposed on dietary supplement ads and healthcare Google Ads, you better be prepared to advertise your product on platforms other than those offered by Google.

Where to Advertise Supplements

Other than using Google Ads for dietary supplements, we always encourage our clients to take up as many forms of marketing as their budget allows them to.

The best places to advertise your brand would also be social media platforms. In fact, many supplement brands make use of Facebook Ads to promote their business, from which they have seen impressive growth. And now even TikTok Ads is gaining a lot of traction, becoming another great choice for supplement brands to use.

Other paid marketing platforms that are worth considering are X (formerly known as Twitter), Pinterest, and YouTube (although since YouTube is owned by Google, we will still need to adhere to their policies).

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Different industries require different budgets due to a variety of factors, with the most significant factor being the overall competitiveness of the industry, as this really causes the costs to fluctuate and increase. 

In fact, the most competitive industries are the ones that have the highest Google Ads costs, especially when it comes to CPC (cost per click) and similar metrics. And unfortunately, the supplements industry is one of these highly competitive industries where paying $5 or more for a single click is not out of the ordinary.

For instance, Varos’ data has shown that the average CPM for the “Vitamins & Supplements” was $13.3 in October of 2023—that’s $13 just for 1000 people to see your ad! LocaliQ’s data shows that the average CPC for the “Health & Fitness” industry was $4.18 in 2023, and that for the “Sports & Recreation” industry was $1.77.

That means that advertising sports supplements is cheaper than advertising weight-loss supplements, for example. And this is supported by our own research: for example, let’s take a look at the CPC and the search volume for certain sports supplements (according to Semrush):

KeywordSearch Volume (per month)CPC (in dollars)
magnesium supplements74,0000.84
collagen supplements40,5001.26
whey protein powder49,5001.18
weight gain supplements14,8000.58
vegan protein powder27,1001.22

Compare this data to that data of weight-loss supplements:

KeywordSearch Volume (per month)CPC (in dollars)
weight loss supplements22,2002.38
dietary supplement14,8002.11
best supplements for weight loss9,9001.78
best menopause supplements for weight loss1,6003.26
losing weight supplements7202.38

As you can see, weight loss supplements have fewer people searching for them but they tend to have more advertisers aggressively bid for them. Of course, the data we’ve shared is very limited, but it does show the general trend in both industries.

Why Google Ads is a Perfect Match for Supplement Brands

In the world of health and wellness, the right supplement can make a world of difference for your customers. But with a crowded marketplace and ever-evolving consumer needs, how do you get your brand noticed and chosen?

That’s where Google Ads comes in, offering a targeted and data-driven approach to reach the exact audience actively seeking the solutions your supplements provide.

  • Laser-Focused Targeting: Google Ads allows you to target users with laser precision, which allows us to reach people searching for specific products. This would include specific searches like “natural energy supplements for afternoon slumps” or “vegan protein powder for muscle building.” With in-depth keyword research, we can identify the specific needs and demographics of your ideal customer, ensuring your ads appear in front of people ready to convert.

  • Data-Driven Optimization for Maximum ROI: Google Ads provides a treasure trove of data on campaign performance, which allows us to meticulously analyze this data to identify high-converting keywords that resonate with your target audience. We’ll then fine-tune your bids to maximize your return on investment (ROI), ensuring you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

  • Credibility and Brand Authority in a Competitive Market: The supplement industry is brimming with competition. By consistently appearing at the top of search results for relevant keywords, you establish your brand as a trusted authority. Over time, this consistent presence builds brand awareness and positions you as the go-to solution for customers seeking effective supplements.

Beyond the Basics: Google Ads Strategies for Supplement Success

While the core benefits above are essential, we take our Google Ads for supplements a step further with specialized strategies:

  • Compliance Expertise: Navigating Google’s health claims policies can be tricky. Our team stays current on the latest regulations to ensure your ads are compliant and avoid disapprovals, keeping your campaigns running smoothly.

  • Leveraging Science to Build Trust: Consumers today are savvy and seek evidence-based solutions. We’ll help you craft compelling ad copy that highlights the scientific backing behind your supplements, fostering trust and credibility with potential customers.

  • Hyper-Targeting by Health Concern: Don’t settle for generic marketing. We’ll create targeted ad groups that speak directly to specific health concerns your supplements address. Whether it’s “joint pain relief” or “improved sleep quality,” your ads will resonate with users actively seeking solutions.

  • Seasonality is Key: We understand that consumer needs fluctuate throughout the year. We’ll capitalize on seasonal trends by crafting targeted campaigns promoting relevant supplements. For example, promoting Vitamin D during winter months or highlighting immune-boosting supplements during peak cold and flu season.

By combining the core strengths of Google Ads with these supplement-specific strategies, we create powerful campaigns that drive targeted traffic, build brand authority, and ultimately, skyrocket your supplement sales.

How We Guarantee the Best Google Ads for Supplements

We’ve said that we’re confident that we can take your business to new heights—but how can we guarantee that we can provide the best supplement PPC ads for Google marketing? Are we full of hot air or can we actually prove it?

Yes, we absolutely can prove that we can provide the best supplement ads for your business! And although we cannot publish any client data here because of commercial sensitivity, we can provide a taster of the process we would take in order to advertise your supplement business.

While we cannot provide full details of our process, as it would make this page too complicated to read, we will explain everything that we do in as much detail as you can tolerate if you decide to contact us for our services. That way, you would have full knowledge of what exactly you’re paying us for.

Unveiling Your Brand Potential: The Deep Dive Discovery Process

At Ads Institute, we believe a successful Google Ads campaign starts with a deep understanding of your unique brand. It’s not just about selling supplements; it’s about connecting with customers on a deeper level and offering solutions that align perfectly with their health and wellness goals.

Here’s how our deep dive discovery process unlocks the full potential of your brand within the Google Ads platform:

  • Brand Storytelling: Every brand has a story to tell—and we’ll work with you to uncover yours: what sets your supplements apart? Is it your commitment to using organic, ethically sourced ingredients? Perhaps it’s your focus on cutting-edge scientific formulations. By understanding your brand story, we can craft compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience and differentiates you from the competition.

  • Target Audience Deciphering: Who is your ideal customer? Are they busy professionals seeking natural energy solutions? Maybe it’s athletes looking for performance-enhancing supplements. Through in-depth market research and customer persona development, we’ll create a clear picture of your target audience, allowing us to tailor your ads with laser precision.

  • Supplement Range Deep Dive: Not all supplements are created equal. We’ll delve into the specifics of your supplement range, understanding the unique benefits and science behind each product. This allows us to create highly targeted ad groups that speak directly to the specific needs and desires of potential customers searching for solutions your supplements offer.

This comprehensive discovery process goes beyond basic demographics. We want to understand the “why” behind your brand and the “who” you’re passionate about serving. With this deep dive approach, we create Google Ads campaigns that aren’t just effective: they’re targeted, meaningful, and primed to drive brand loyalty and long-term success.

Intelligence: Outsmarting the Supplement Landscape

In the dynamic world of supplement marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Our competitor analysis goes beyond simply identifying your rivals. We delve deep into the supplement landscape to uncover valuable insights that empower you to dominate your niche.

  • Unearthing Strengths and Weaknesses: We meticulously analyze your top competitors’ Google Ads strategies. We’ll identify the keywords they’re targeting, the ad copy they’re using, and the landing pages they’re directing traffic to. Through this analysis, we’ll uncover their strengths, such as particularly effective ad copy or successful landing page elements. But we don’t stop there: we’ll also pinpoint their weaknesses, perhaps under-utilized keywords or missed targeting opportunities. This comprehensive analysis provides a blueprint for crafting superior Google Ads campaigns that capitalize on your strengths and exploit your competitors’ weaknesses.

  • Keyword Gap Analysis: It’s not just about what your competitors are doing; it’s about what they’re missing. We’ll utilize advanced keyword research tools, such as Semrush, to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords that your competitors haven’t yet tapped into. These “hidden gem” keywords can be a goldmine for attracting targeted traffic and generating qualified leads for your supplement brand.

  • Staying Abreast of Industry Trends: The supplement industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and ingredients emerging all the time. We stay on top of these trends, analyzing how your competitors are (or aren’t) capitalizing on them within their Google Ads strategies. This allows us to craft campaigns that are not only competitive but also relevant and speak to the ever-changing needs of your target audience.

By providing a clear picture of the competitive landscape, we empower you to make informed decisions about your Google Ads strategy. We’ll help you develop a competitive edge, allowing you to attract new customers, boost conversions, and solidify your position as a leader in the supplement industry.

Crafting Compelling (and Compliant) Ads: The Art of Walking the Line

In the world of supplement marketing, crafting compelling ad copy is an art form. You need to capture attention, highlight the benefits of your supplements, and entice users to click. However, navigating Google’s ever-evolving health claims policies adds another layer of complexity.

Here’s how we ensure your Google Ads stand out while staying firmly within compliance guidelines:

  • Benefit-Driven Messaging: We understand the power of focusing on the “why” behind your supplements. Instead of generic claims, we’ll craft ad copy that emphasizes the specific benefits your products offer. Is your protein powder perfect for post-workout recovery? Does your probiotic formula promote gut health? By highlighting these targeted benefits, we’ll resonate with users actively seeking solutions.

  • Compliant Keyword Integration: Keywords are the foundation of effective Google Ads. However, with supplements, it’s crucial to choose keywords that comply with Google’s health claims restrictions. We’ll leverage our expertise to identify high-performing, compliant keywords that accurately describe your supplements without veering into prohibited territory.

  • A/B Testing for Optimization: We don’t settle for “good enough.” We believe in continuous improvement, utilizing A/B testing to optimize your ad copy. We’ll test different headlines, descriptions, and call-to-action phrases to see which resonate best with your target audience. This data-driven approach ensures your compliant ads are not just effective, but also the most persuasive they can be.

  • Transparency is Key: Building trust with potential customers is paramount. We’ll craft ad copy that is transparent about the ingredients and benefits of your supplements. While we can’t make any disease-related claims, we can highlight the scientific backing behind your formulas and focus on how your products can contribute to overall health and wellness.

By combining compelling messaging with a deep understanding of Google’s compliance guidelines, we create Google Ads that are both informative and persuasive. This ensures your campaigns attract qualified leads, drive conversions, and ultimately, help you achieve your supplement brand’s marketing goals.

Seamless Transitions: Optimizing Landing Pages for Supplement Sales Success

Imagine a potential customer clicks on your compelling Google Ad, brimming with interest in your supplement. Now what? The landing page is your make-or-break moment. It’s where you convert that initial interest into a sale.

Here’s how we optimize your landing pages to ensure a smooth transition and maximize conversions:

  • Aligned Messaging: We ensure complete harmony between your Google Ads and your landing pages. The messaging, keywords, and overall tone should seamlessly flow from ad to landing page, reinforcing the user’s initial impression and maintaining their interest. At the same time, this makes sure that we’re satisfying one of Google’ criteria for Quality Score, which is relevance; with a higher Quality Score, we can reduce your CPC.

  • Laser-Focused Benefits: Overwhelming visitors with information overload is a marketing mistake. Which is why we’ll craft clear, concise copy that highlights the specific benefits your supplements offer in relation to the user’s search intent. Are they looking for an energy boost? Focus on the ingredients that promote natural energy production. Do they seek improved sleep quality? Emphasize the calming properties of your formula. This targeted approach resonates with users and strengthens their desire to purchase.

  • Visual Storytelling: We’ll incorporate high-quality images and videos showcasing your supplements and their benefits in action. Think about including lifestyle imagery of people using your product to achieve their health goals or close-up shots of the ingredients to build trust and transparency.

  • Clear Calls to Action: Don’t leave users wondering what to do next, as otherwise they’ll have no option but to leave your website. To this end, we’ll craft clear, compelling calls to action (CTAs) that encourage them to buy your supplements. Whether it’s a simple “Buy Now” button or a limited-time discount offer, we’ll make it easy for users to take the next step towards purchase.

  • Trust Signals and Social Proof: Building trust is essential in the supplement industry, and so we’ll incorporate trust signals like third-party certifications, positive customer reviews, and testimonials onto your landing pages. This social proof reassures potential customers and increases their confidence in your brand.

By optimizing your landing pages with these core principles in mind, we create a seamless user experience that fosters conversions and turns curious clicks into loyal supplement customers.

Reaching Your Target Audience on Every Stage of Their Journey: A Multi-Platform Approach

The supplement buying journey isn’t linear. Consumers may be initially researching on Google Search, then move on to YouTube for product reviews, and finally compare prices on Shopping Ads before making a purchase decision. Our multi-platform Google Ads strategy ensures you reach your target audience at every crucial touchpoint:

  • Google Search Ads: Search Ads remain a cornerstone of any successful supplement marketing campaign. We’ll target users actively searching for keywords related to your products, capturing them at the peak of their buying intent. By crafting compelling ad copy and utilizing relevant extensions, we’ll ensure your brand stands out in search results and drives qualified traffic to your website.

  • Google Shopping Ads:  People are drawn to visuals, especially when it comes to supplements. Shopping Ads allow you to showcase high-quality product images, key features, and pricing information directly on search results pages. This provides a more comprehensive picture for potential customers and can significantly boost click-through rates.

  • YouTube Ads: YouTube is a treasure trove of health and wellness content. Through strategically placed YouTube Ads, we can reach your target audience while they’re actively consuming content related to their health goals. At the same time, you ought to consider partnering with relevant YouTube influencers to create sponsored reviews or educational videos featuring your supplements. This leverages the power of influencer trust and positions your brand as a leader in the supplement industry.

By implementing this multi-platform strategy, we create a comprehensive Google Ads campaign that reaches your target audience across various touchpoints. This ensures consistent brand messaging, maximizes reach, and ultimately drives more qualified leads and conversions for your supplement brand.

Navigating the Maze: Ensuring Compliant Supplement Ads in a Dynamic Landscape

In the world of supplement marketing, Google’s health claims policies are a complex and ever-evolving landscape. One wrong word in your ad copy can lead to disapprovals and hinder your campaign’s effectiveness.

Here’s how we ensure your Google Ads for supplements are compliant and avoid any roadblocks:

  • Dedicated Compliance Team: We have a team of specialists who stay up-to-date on the latest Google Ads health claims policies. They meticulously study policy updates and interpretations, ensuring our strategies and ad copy adhere to the strictest guidelines. This allows you to focus on your brand and products while we handle the intricate world of compliance.

  • Proactive Review and Monitoring: We don’t wait for Google to flag potential issues. Our team proactively reviews all ad copy and landing pages before launch, ensuring they align with Google’s health claims regulations. We also monitor your campaigns on an ongoing basis, looking for any potential compliance concerns and addressing them promptly.

  • Transparency and Collaboration: We strongly believe in open communication and collaboration, and so we’ll keep you informed of any relevant policy changes and work with you to adjust your ad copy or landing pages to maintain compliance. Our goal is to create winning campaigns that achieve your marketing goals while adhering to all regulations.

  • Building Long-Term Trust: Compliance isn’t just about avoiding disapprovals. It’s about building trust with Google and your target audience. By consistently adhering to health claims policies, you demonstrate a commitment to transparency and responsible advertising. This fosters trust with potential customers and positions your brand as a leader in the supplement industry.

We understand that navigating Google’s health claims policies can be daunting. By leveraging our expertise and proactive approach to compliance, we ensure your Google Ads campaigns run smoothly, avoid disapprovals, and ultimately, achieve long-term success in the ever-evolving world of supplement marketing.

Data-Driven Decisions: Unveiling the Power of Transparent Reporting

In the fast-paced world of supplement marketing, staying informed is key. That’s why we don’t just run your Google Ads campaigns; we empower you with actionable insights through transparent reporting. Our detailed reports go beyond basic metrics, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your campaign’s performance and the factors driving success (or indicating areas for improvement).

Here’s what you can expect from our transparent reporting system:

  • KPIs Tailored to Supplements: We understand that success in the supplement industry might not solely rely on clicks or impressions. We’ll define KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to your specific goals, such as cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for new customers, conversion rates by product category, or return on ad spend (ROAS) for specific supplement lines. This allows you to track progress towards your unique marketing objectives.

  • In-Depth Performance Analysis: Our reports aren’t just a dump of raw data. We’ll delve deeper, providing insightful analysis on metrics like keyword performance, audience demographics, landing page conversion rates, and device usage. By understanding which keywords are driving the most qualified leads and which demographics convert best, we can refine your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

  • A/B Testing Insights: We don’t believe in settling for “good enough.” Our reports will showcase the results of A/B testing on ad copy, landing pages, and targeting strategies. This allows you to see which strategies resonate best with your target audience and continuously optimize your campaigns for peak performance.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Data is powerful, but actionable insights are invaluable. Our reports will go beyond just presenting data; we’ll provide clear recommendations for campaign improvements based on our analysis. This could involve adjusting bids for high-performing keywords, refining your targeting parameters, or optimizing landing pages for better conversion rates.

  • Regular Communication and Collaboration: Transparency extends beyond reports. We believe in open communication. We’ll schedule regular meetings to discuss your campaign’s performance, answer any questions you may have, and collaborate on implementing the recommended optimizations.

By providing you with comprehensive, transparent reporting and actionable insights, we empower you to become a partner in your Google Ads journey. This data-driven approach ensures your supplement brand campaigns are constantly evolving, maximizing their effectiveness and driving long-term success in the competitive supplement market.

Supplement-Specific Strategies for Google Ads Domination

Science-Powered Credibility: Building Trust in a Crowded Market

In the world of supplements, trust is paramount. Consumers are bombarded with conflicting claims, making it crucial to establish your brand as a science-backed leader. Here’s how we leverage Google Ads to showcase the scientific foundation of your supplements:

  • Highlighting Clinical Research: Did your supplements undergo rigorous clinical trials? We’ll incorporate this information into your ad copy, potentially including snippets from published research or highlighting certifications from reputable third-party organizations. This scientific backing builds trust with potential customers and positions your brand as a leader in evidence-based wellness solutions.

  • Ingredient Spotlight: Consumers are increasingly interested in the “why” behind supplement ingredients. We’ll craft ad copy that emphasizes the science behind the key ingredients in your formulas. This could involve explaining the mechanisms of action of specific ingredients or referencing relevant scientific studies that support their effectiveness.

  • Partnering with Experts: Consider collaborating with registered dietitians, naturopathic doctors, or other health professionals. These partnerships lend credibility to your brand and can be leveraged within your Google Ads strategy. Expert endorsements or quotes within your ad copy can be a powerful trust-building tool.

Hyper-Targeting by Health Concern: Speak Directly to Your Ideal Customer

Targeting broad demographics just doesn’t cut it in the supplement industry. Here’s how we ensure your Google Ads reach users actively seeking solutions your supplements provide:

  • Deep Customer Persona Development: We’ll delve into your target audience, understanding their specific health concerns, needs, and online behavior. This allows us to create highly targeted ad groups that speak directly to their pain points. Are you offering sleep aids? Your ads will target users searching for terms like “natural sleep remedies” or “improve sleep quality.”

  • Micro-Targeting with Long-Tail Keywords: Beyond common health concerns, we’ll identify long-tail keywords that showcase specific user intent. This allows you to target users at a more granular level, ensuring your ads appear in front of people actively researching solutions your supplements address.

Seasonal Savvy: Capitalize on Trends for Targeted Promotions

Consumer needs and buying habits shift throughout the year. Here’s how we utilize Google Ads to leverage seasonal trends for your supplement brand:

  • Strategic Campaign Promotions: As winter approaches, we’ll launch targeted campaigns promoting Vitamin D supplements, vital for maintaining healthy immune function during shorter daylight hours. Similarly, come spring, we can focus on energy-boosting formulas to combat seasonal fatigue.

  • Limited-Time Offers and Bundles: Capitalize on seasonal trends by offering limited-time discounts or special bundles on relevant supplements. This can incentivize purchases and drive sales during specific times of the year.

Beyond the Basics: A Winning Google Ads Strategy for Supplement Success

By implementing these supplement-specific strategies in conjunction with our core Google Ads expertise, we create powerful campaigns that go beyond just generating clicks. We help you build trust, target the right audience, capitalize on trends, and ultimately, achieve long-term success in the competitive supplement market.

Contact us today and benefit from a free 30-minute audit. Let’s unlock the true growth potential of your supplements! 

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