The Best Google Ads Courses to Make Money Quickly

The Best Google Ads Courses to Make Money Quickly

Are you looking to learn how to use Google Ads but don't have the time or patience to read any Google Ads books? Or you're looking for advanced tips to take your SEM to the next level?

Well, whatever the reason, we here at Ads Institute understand the rush: you want information, and you want it NOW!

Which is why we're compiling this list of the best Google Ads courses that are sure to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, especially if you want to learn and make money FAST!

But why should you trust us, you say? Well, as a Google Ads agency, we have seen many a Google Ads training course, and even took a handful ourselves. Our experience in the field means that we've seen it all and we have the skills to sift through the various available and choose nothing but the best.

🤑 Best free Google Ads course

Google Ads Tutorials - Surfside PPC

💳 Best paid Google Ads course

God Tier Ads
🚀 Best Google Ads crash course Google Ads (AdWords) Course Taught by Former Google Employee
🎓 Most comprehensive Google Ads course Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click
📜 Best Google Ads certification Google Skillshop Ads Certification Courses

If you would like a more detailed comparison of the Google Ads digital marketing courses that we looked at in this article, we suggest going to the "Choosing the Right Course for You" section.

Finally, if you're interested in other ways of how to learn Google Ads, be sure to check out our articles related to the topic to find the best medium for you.

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Table of contents

How We Ranked the Google Ads Courses for 2024

Our methodology for compiling this list was rather simple but thorough and intensive nonetheless. We scoured the internet to discover what courses are available. For example, we looked at the “usual suspects”, like:

  • The Udemy Google Ads courses
  • The Coursera Google Ads courses
  • The Google Skillshop courses
  • The HubSpot Google Ads course
  • The Simplilearn Google Ads courses

And more, in order to help you find the best Google Ads course 2024 for you.

Once we found as many courses as we possibly could, we began the process of evaluation by checking what the courses offer while also checking reviews left by former students of the course.

Finally, we then went through a process of elimination to choose which Google paid ads course to include or not based on a number of criteria. These include the level of expertise of the tutor, the ratings of the course, how up-to-date the Google PPC course is, etc.

The Best Google Ads Courses for All Levels

The courses are pretty much good for anyone in the SEM world: whether they’re an absolute beginner, an advanced user, or someone that already knows the fundamentals of Google Ads but want to upgrade their skills, this courses should offer something for them just the same.

Google Ads Certification Courses – Google Skillshop

google skillshop courses

Why not start our this article with Google’s very own course on Google ads? Quite appropriate in our opinion.

The Google Ads course by Google has many positives that recommend as a great course for users of all levels: not only is it completely free, but it is fantastically comprehensive and covers all of the Google advertising fundamentals.

Not only that, but once you’ve finished learning you have the option of sitting for the Google Ads certification exam to become Google Ads certified!

However, since the Skillshop Google courses are packed with modules, you don’t need to start from the very beginning. In fact, intermediate and advanced users can choose which modules to start with, or else go straight to the Google Ads online certification.

There are many Google Ad certificates that you can choose from, however, the best certificate for you depends on your own unique needs and requirements. If you’re wondering which Google Ads certification is best for your requirements, we have a separate post about that.

Google Ads Tutorials – Surfside PPC

google ads tutorial step by step

Surfside’s PPC Google Ads Tutorials is an extensive and free Google Ads training program that you can find on YouTube, making it one of the best YouTube channels to learn Google Ads around.

Its intended audience ranges from those clueless about Google Ads to those who have already grasped the foundational skills but are looking to advanced their knowledge in other areas of Google Ads, like Dynamic Search, Display Network targeting options, bidding strategies, etc.

With nearly 200 videos at the time of writing, this Google advertising course packs a whopping 40+ hours of material that will surely teach you everything there is to know about Google Ads. 

Paid Advertising Campaigns – ClickMinded

clickminded paid advertising campaigns

ClickMinded’s Paid Advertising Campaigns is another comprehensive course that will take you through the very basics to then explain more intermediate concepts.

The course goes over the core foundations of Google paid ads, such as understanding the auction system, the importance of targeting, and creating high-converting ads.

Then it moves on to more advanced Google Ads training, including learning how to analyse and optimise Google Ads campaigns for better performance; keyword research, bidding and budgeting, ad group structure, dynamic keyword insertion, ad extensions, and more.

The learning experience provides a total of 5-6 hours of learning material, and includes quizzes, readings, and challenges to practice what has been learned. At the end of the course, students are offered a paid certificate of completion.

Digital Marketing | The Complete Google Ads Masterclass – Skillshare/Udemy

digital marketing the complete google ads masterclass

This Google Ads paid course, which can be found on both Udemy and Skillshare, is taught by digital marketing specialists Robin & Jesper and is appropriate for all levels of learners.

In fact, the course is broken up into 9 sections that include 105 lectures for a total of 16 hours, making it a highly comprehensive Google Ads specialist course.

Not only do students learn how to set up a Google Ads account and campaign, gaining insights into dynamic Search Ads and location targeting, but will also learn budgeting; keyword research; match types; Quality Score; and using Video Ads, and many more things.

While the course provides additional resources such as articles, templates, and tools to help optimize Google Ads campaigns, it does not provide a certificate upon completion.

Diploma in Google Ads – Alison


The Diploma in Google Ads course offered by Alison is a comprehensive programme that is great for all levels of PPC marketers since it is intended for both Google Ads students and professionals.

Students participating in this course will learn about a variety of subjects, ranging from the basic, like setting up, and optimizing your own Google Ads campaign to the more complex, like setting up A/B tests; monitoring Quality Score; and developing an understanding of consumer psychology and behavior.

It is worth bearing in mind that the course demands a significant time commitment (in fact, it offers 15 hours of material), and all assessments require a score of 80% or above.

However, upon completion of this course, students will earn a Google Ads Diploma, so the commitment will be worth the effort. And, the best part: this course is completely free!

PPC University – WordStream

wordstream ppc university

The PPC University by WordStream is a Google Ads course that caters to advertisers of all experience levels. In fact, the course doesn’t have a fixed length since it is divided into 3 sections, each one aimed at a different level of experience.

The 3 sections are the following:

  1. PPC 101: the first section covers the basic functionality of Google Ads, such as account setup, metrics, and ad components.
  2. PPC 102: the second section explores intermediate topics like keywords, match types, ad copy, bidding, budgeting, and auditing.
  3. Advanced PPC: the third and final section dives deep into advanced areas including remarketing, mobile optimisation, lead qualification, and dynamic formats.

Each section contains concise 5-10-minute articles authored by distinguished PPC experts, which means that you will receive nothing but the best insights around.

WordStream also provides a series of benchmarks separated by industry so that you know what performance you should aim for once you finish the course.

The Best Google Ads Courses for Advanced Users

The courses that we will be going into below are for the PPCers that have almost reached their peak when it comes to their Google advertising but still need another step or two to get to the top of their abilities.

These courses are what you need to become the best marketer you can be (well, other than good, old practice, that is…).

So, get ready to dive in and finally become the Google Ads pro you were destined to be!

God Tier Ads

god tier ads

This Google Ads course online is offered by God Like and tutored by Ed Leake, and is intended for nothing less than seasoned Google Ads specialists.

In fact, rather than an actual Google Ads expert course per se, God Tier Ads is a framework that offers a tonne of helpful material, including a checklist for Google Ads with over 400 steps; over 150 PPC tips; ready-made templates; over 50 video lessons; and even automated scripts.

Not only that, but the God Tier Ads course is constantly being updated and users get access to the framework forever, as well as free access to every update.

Google Ads Copy Hacks – Udemy

The Google Ads Copy Hacks course taught by marketing experts Ken McGaffin and Ian Howie is a specialised course designed for experienced search marketers who seek to elevate the effectiveness of their ad copy.

Available on Udemy, the advanced Google Ads course goes right into the meat of its material by providing practical insights and techniques for improving ad writing.

In fact, over it’s 3-hour duration, students will receive a formula for writing impactful Google Ads copy. Not only that, they will also benefit from a framework for testing ad variations, as well as learn how to optimizing campaigns for different devices.

The Best Google Ads Courses for Intermediate Users

The following courses are for marketers that already know the Google Ads fundamentals like the back of their hands but are looking to take their SEM skills to the next level.

With these courses, you will receive more in-depth Google AdWords training into the more advanced aspects of the PPC platform.

Advanced Google Ads – LinkedIn Learning

advanced google ads

The first Google Ads marketing course for intermediate users that we’ll be looking at is taught by Michael Tayler, the co-founder and COO of, a digital marketing agency.

This LinkedIn Learning Google Ads course is intended to take marketers’ skills to the next level by teaching them advanced techniques, including automation and competitive analysis.

For example, students will learn bid and budget optimization rules; how to run Google Ads scripts to automate various tasks; and leverage other Google channels like Google Shopping.

With 7 sections and 28 videos, this course offers students 1-2 hours worth of material, as well as quizzes to assess their knowledge, and a forum that allows learners to interact with peers and ask questions.

Google Ads – Intermediate – CXL

cxl intermediate google ads course

In the Google Ads Intermediate course by CXL, Jonathan Dane teaches students how to reach the right target audience to achieve results through effective prioritisation.

Intended for users to advance advertising skills, the courses goes over various aspects of Google Ads, including goal setting, the iceberg effect, meaningful metrics, targeting options, and optimization routines. 

This course consists of a single video that’s 1 hour and 50 minutes long.

Google Ads Mastery – Data Driven

data driven google ads mastery

Offered by Data Driven and taught by acclaimed PPC expert Jeff Sauer, Google Ads Mastery is geared towards users that already possess the foundations of Google Ads are ready to take their skills up a notch.

In fact, over the course of 8 modules, consisting of 65 lessons for a total 15 hours of material, learners will get a taste of Jeff’s expertise to learn about keyword research techniques that promise to uncover low-cost keyword opportunities to maximise their ad budget.

The course also covers lesser-known tricks that Jeff uses to increase conversions. This is a great Google pay per click course for users looking to get the most out of their ad campaigns.

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training – SimpliLearn

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training

The complete Google Ads course by Simplilearn, titled “Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training“, is designed to take absolute newbies and turn them into full-fledged Google Ads specialists. It’s an in-depth and industry-focused diploma course that encompasses 5 industry projects, 126 live demos, and multiple industry accreditations.

At the end of this course, you’ll even receive a certificate of completion as proof of your efforts. However, the downside to this course is that it’s not short and it’s far from cheap either. In fact, the cost of the whole bootcamp course is $599, and its duration is around 60 hours, both of which entail some serious investment.

The significant costs of this course makes it more appropriate for a company that’s looking to train its staff rather than for someone looking to learn on their own.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag – Paid Media Pros

paid media pros coversion tracking tutorial

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag is a highly informative YouTube tutorial by Paid Media Pros, which is led by PPC influencers Joe Martinez and Michelle Morgan.

Condensed into a relatively bite-sized 13 minutes, this tutorial is intended for intermediate users with a conversion-optimised website since it addresses the potentially daunting topic of conversion tracking.

In fact, the tutorial simplifies conversion tracking for users who wish to avoid importing conversions from Google Analytics.

Instead, it demonstrates three distinct methods to set up conversion tracking, with a specific emphasis on the Google Tag Manager approach, which is noted for its user-friendly implementation.

Google Ads Full Course – Simplilearn


Simplilearn’s Google Ads Full Course is a 4 hour and 40 minute YouTube tutorial that’s intended for both beginners and intermediate learners.

That’s because not only is it great for learners seeking insights into Google Ads—such as the setup of Google Ads accounts and campaigns—it also includes an in-depth coverage of display advertising and Google Analytics integration.

In fact, not only will students understand the fundamentals of Google Ads after this tutorial, but also the differences between Google Display and Search Network, and how to integrate Google Analytics and Tag Manager into their Google Ads campaigns.

2023 Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO – Udemy

2023 Google Ads (AdWords) Course - From Beginner to PRO - Udemy

The 2023 Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PRO course by Simon Koss aims to transform individuals from Google Ads novices into proficient professionals over the course of 9 hours and a half.

Typically found on Udemy, the course aims to be a comprehensive learning experience without the need for additional resources.

Despite being primarily a Google search ads course, the course covers various platforms, including Search, Display, Analytics, Tag Manager, and YouTube Ads.

But why have we included this in our intermediate users sections? Well, because other than going into the basics of Google Search Ads, this course is also great for users that already know the basics but wish to improve.

In fact, the course also goes into more advanced topics like effective ad copy practices; proper installation of Google conversion tracking; performance evaluation; bidding options (smart vs. manual); and YouTube Ads.

The Best Google Ads Courses for Beginners

The Google Ad training courses below are for the novices amongst our readers, the one who don’t even know how to operate the Google Ads platform.

With these courses, you will learn the basics of Google Ads and at the same time, walking away with some handy tips to get you on the path of PPC success.

Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click – Isaac Rudansky

ultimate google ads training

The first Google Ads beginner course that we will be looking at is Isaac Rudansky’s course on Udemy, who is himself an expert in Google Ads.

The Isaac Rudansky Google Ads course is aimed at users who have absolutely no clue how to use the Google Ads platform and would like to begin PPC marketing themselves. 

Learners will learn everything there is to know about Google Ads, from how to create an account to optimising your campaigns, and from understanding how to run multiple campaigns to using external tools like Semrush and Optmyzr to assist in your tasks.

The Isaac Rudansky Udemy course is arguably one of the most comprehensive courses out there, spanning 17 modules and 136 lectures for a total duration of almost 25 hours. 

Google Ads Essential Training – LinkedIn Learning

google ads essential training

The Google Ads Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning is taught by Brad Batesole, a marketing expert that has been teaching marketing to students on LinkedIn for well over 5 years.

In this Google Ads certification course (yes, there’s a free certification at the end of the course!), users are given an overview of Google Ads and then taken through the very fundamentals of the platform.

 Users will also learn essential skills like researching keywords, monitoring their campaigns through Google Analytics and Google Ads reporting, and optimising their ads for higher conversion rates.

Broken up into 10 sections and 51 videos for a total of 2-3 hours worth of material, this is a veritable crash course on Google Ads. Each section ends with a quiz, and the whole course is finished off with a free Google Ads course certification!

Designing Effective Google Ads Campaigns – HubSpot Academy

hubspot academy designing effective google ads campaigns

HubSpot Academy’s “Designing Effective Google Ads Campaigns” is a free Google Ads course with a certificate included at the end of the course.

Aimed at absolute beginners and divided into 4 modules with 17 videos, this Google Ads online course will teach learners the fundamentals as well as how to build and customize effective campaigns for businesses. The course also offers 2 quizzes to test learners’ progress as well as pdf guides.

The course also provides learners with other skills including optimising campaigns with Ad Extensions; aligning landing pages with ad copy; and controlling costs through Google auction tips.

With only around 2 hours worth of material, this is the best course to learn Google Ads if you’re in a rush to learn the platform and acquire the necessary skills.

Google Ads (AdWords) Course Taught by Former Google Employee – Skillshare

google ads courses taught by former google employee

This Google Ads class on Skillshare is taught by Ben Lund, a former Googler and the founder of Rise Marketing Group, so you can say that Ben knows a thing or two about Google Ads.

This Google Ads course will take beginners through the process of creating their account and setting their campaigns, including training on YouTube Ads and Video Ads.

With 12 lessons and under 2 hours of material, you can consider this a Google Ads crash course. After completing the course, Ben will personally send you a certificate of completion.

Google Ads For Beginners 2023 – Step By Step Process – Udemy/Skillshare

google ads for beginners step by step process

This Google Ads Udemy course is taught by Joshua George, an award-winning SEO agency owner, and is focused solely on Google Search Ads, which are the ads displayed in the Google search engine.

In this easy-to-follow course aimed at complete novices, Joshua takes students through his step-by-step process of how to create an effective campaign from scratch, using tools that simplify the journey into digital advertising with Google Search Ads.

Broken up into 11 modules with 66 lectures, this course offers around 9 hours of material, including quizzes and downloadable material, making it a rather in-depth Google Search Ads course.

In fact, not only will students learn the fundamentals of Google Search Ads but they will study Match Types; write click-generating ads; experiment with bidding methods; and develop a thorough understanding of Quality Score and Ad Extensions.

This course can also be found on Skillshare.

Google Ads Mastery – AgencySavvy

google ads mastery agencysavvy

The Google Ads Mastery course offered by AgencySavvy and taught by Mike Rhodes is another Google Ads course for beginners that provides in-depth knowledge on the main levers of Google Ads: targeting, messaging, and bidding.

Mike Rhodes, one of the co-authors of The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, shares his expertise in this course, giving learners insights into his five-step QUEST framework for optimisation, as well as a planning process adapted from a Navy Seal.

The course is broken up into 6 lessons for a total duration of over 10 hours.

As a side note, Mike Rhodes also offers the Google Ads Fundamentals podcast, which teaches you the basics of Google Ads in about 2 and a hafl hours, making it one of the best Google Ads podcasts for learning how to use the platform.

Google Ads for Beginners – Coursera

google ads for beginners coursera

As you can tell from the name of this course, it’s been designed for aspiring marketers who are completely new to Google Ads.

The Google Ads for Beginners course on Coursera is a free, concise yet comprehensive 2-hour course taught by Ishita Sinha that covers how to initiate Google Search Ads and create effective campaigns.

Over the duration of the course, Ishita provides step-by-step instructions and instructional videos. Once the course has been completed, learners receive a certificate of completion that should be a nice complement to their CV.

Create a Google Ads Search Campaign – Coursera

create a google ads search campaign coursera

This Google Ads basics course offered by Coursera is a short but sweet introduction Google Ads—specifically search ads, as you can tell from the name of the course: Create a Google Ads Search Campaign. The course is purposefully concise as it’s designed to give beginners a taste of creating search ads campaigns on Google Ads.

In other words, while the course in itself is great to give a quick and accessible grasp of the basics to beginners of Google Ads, learners who wish to become experts in Google Ads ought to take up another course.

That’s because this one will offer limited practical examples and won’t cover advanced concepts. However, it might serve as a great springboard for further education in Google Ads.

PPC Fundamentals Course – Semrush

ppc fundamentals semrush

This next online ads course is offered by Semrush, the well-known digital marketing suite of tools. Or, more accurately, it’s offered by Semrush Academy, the company’s free learning centre. The PPC Fundamentals Course, which is taught by Joel Bondorowsky, is great for beginners looking to get into pay-per-click marketing.

It’s a comprehensive paid advertising course that, over the course of 5 hours, aims to take the newbie marketer to an up-and-running PPCer. It teaches basic pay-per-click strategies, terminology, the various types of paid advertising, as well as an introductory understanding of Google Ads.

This Google Ads course is entirely free, as are the rest of the courses on Semrush Academy, as well as providing a certification of completion at the end.

Local PPC Lab – LOCALiQ


Local PPC Lab by LOCALiQ is a concise course that’s ideal for beginners and local businesses that would like to explore Google Ads, despite its local focus.

With a total duration of just 25 minutes, the course simplifies the complexities of Google Ads by offering insights on key concepts such as integrating Google Ads into a comprehensive marketing plan, strategy development, performance measurement, and avoiding common pitfalls.

In fact, the Local PPB Lab covers covers essential topics that range from the very fundamentals, such as understanding Google Ads and creating a PPC strategy, to more intermediate concepts like keywords, budgeting, landing pages, and ad copy.

Google Ads Tutorial 2023 [Step-by-Step] Adwords – Santrel Media

Google Ads Tutorial 2023 [Step-by-Step] Adwords is a YouTube tutorial that’s delivered by co-founder Nate O’Brien and is aimed at beginners with some prior familiarity with the Google Ads platform.

The tutorial has a duration of 34 minutes, throughout which viewers are guided through the process of setting up their first ad. Moreover, Nate covers fundamental aspects of Google Ads marketing in this course, including conversion rates, keyword research, and split testing.

Not only is the tutorial fantastic thanks to the topics covered but the presenter also skips out on the usual waffle you find on some YouTube tutorials, while also keeping his intended audience firmly in mind by not delving too deep into the subject.

Complete Google AdWords Professional – Simplilearn

Complete Google AdWords Professional

The Complete Google AdWords Professional course from Simplilearns’ Skillup provides a comprehensive overview of the Google Ads platform that is perfect for Google Ads beginners.

Stretched across 13 hours of video content, the course covers a variety of aspects of Google Ads, starting from the very basics and progressing to advanced concepts to get learners properly started on their Google Ads journey.

In fact, students of this course will learn fundamentals like keywords, campaign creation, campaign types, bidding strategies, and more advanced endeavours such as conducting Google Ads experiments; the differences between organic and paid listings; and enhancing sales through Google Ads.

Choosing the Right Course for You

Below you can find a comparison table that will give you a quick overview of the courses we mentioned above. Use it wisely when making your decision on which Google Ads course to follow.

On the other hand, however, if you find that you cannot commit to a full course, then maybe following some of the best Google Ads blogs out there would help with your search for knowledge.

If you’re looking for further insights, you might want to try out the best Google Ads forums as well. Other than being able to ask your own questions, or find answer from previously asked questions, some of the forums provide their own guides as well!

Course NameCourse ProviderCostHow Long is the Google Ads Course?Certificate Included?Intended For
Google Ads For Beginners 2023 – Step By Step ProcessSkillshare/Udemy$999 hoursYesBeginners
Google Ads Essential TrainingLinkedIn Learning$292-3 hoursYesBeginners
Google Ads For BeginnersCourseraFree2 hoursYesBeginners
Google Ads Skillshop CoursesGoogle SkillshopFreeVaries per CourseYesAll Levels
PPC Fundamentals CourseSemrushFree5 hoursYesBeginners
Diploma in Google AdsAlisonFree15 hoursYesAll Levels
Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification TrainingSimplilearn$59960 hoursYesIntermediate Users
Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per ClickUdemy$119.9924-25 hoursYesBeginners
Google Ads TutorialsSurfside PPCFree40+ hoursNoAll Levels
Designing Effective Google Ads CampaignsHubSpot AcademyFree2 hoursYesBeginners
Google Ads (AdWords) Course taught by Former Google EmployeeSkillshareFree1 hour 30 minutesYesBeginners
Paid Advertising CampaignsClickMinded$999.005-6 hoursYesAll Levels
Digital Marketing | The Complete Google Ads MasterclassUdemy/Skillshare$9916 hoursNoAll Levels
Advanced Google AdsLinkedIn Learning$401-2 hoursYesIntermediate Users
God Tier AdsGod Like$49915+ hoursNoAdvanced Users
CXL Google Ads IntermediateCXLfrom $299/month1 hour 50 minutesYesIntermediate Users
Google Ads MasteryAgencySavvyfrom $299/month10 hoursNoBeginners
Google Ads MasteryData Driven$29915 hoursNoIntermediate Users
PPC UniversityWordStreamFreeVariesNoAll Levels
Local PPC LabLOCALiQFree25 minutesNoBeginners
Google Ads Tutorial 2023 [Step-by-Step] AdwordsSantrel MediaFree34 minutesNoBeginners
Google Ads Full CourseSimplilearnFree4 hours 40 minutesNoIntermediate Users
Google Ads Conversion Tracking TagPaid Media ProsFree13 minutesNoIntermediate Users
Google Ads for Ecommerce by Daniel PatricioShopify LearnFree1 hour 10 minutesNoBeginners
Complete Google AdWords ProfessionalSkillup (Simplilearn)Free13 hoursYesBeginners
2023 Google Ads (AdWords) Course – From Beginner to PROUdemy$69.999 hours 30 minutesYesAll Levels
Google Ads Copy HacksUdemy$19.992 hours 45 minutesYesAdvanced Users
Create a Google Ads Search CampaignCourseraFree2 hoursYesBeginners

What Makes a Good Quality Google Ads Course?

A high-quality Google Ads course should cover a comprehensive range of topics, from campaign setup and ad creation to advanced optimization strategies. It should provide practical guidance, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. An effective course should be up-to-date with the latest Google Ads features and changes, ensuring that students are equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of online advertising. The course should be led by experienced instructors who can break down complex concepts into understandable terms and offer actionable insights for successful campaign management.

Want Better Google Ads?

Still don’t have the patience to choose a Google Ads PPC course and complete it?

Not to worry then as we can offer our services that include a 30-minute free audit to help you optimise your Google Ad campaigns, or even set up the campaigns for you.

If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free 30-minute audit!

coins scattered on a table


Is Google Ads hard to learn?

Google Ads would seem complex and convoluted at first glance, but there is nothing that makes it inherently hard to learn. In other words, learning Google Ads isn’t difficult in the same way that learning something like quantum physics is difficult to learn. With a little determination, plenty of practice, and a decent Google AdWords course, you will be surprised how easily you manage to learn Google Ads.

Why is it important to learn Google Ads?‎

If you own any sort of online business, or wish to establish a significant online presence for your business, then you need to learn Google Ads—if you care for your revenue, that is. There are multiple digital marketing channels and paid advertising is one of them. If you leverage as many of the digital marketing channels as possible, your chances of success increase; therefore, it’s important to learn how to use Google Ads in order to increase your revenue.

Are Google Ad courses free?

Not all of the Google Ads courses out there are free, but there are plenty of free Google Ads courses out there. Despite being free-of-charge, these courses are not of a lower quality than their paid counterparts. In fact, you can learn Google Ads just as well from the free resources!

What is Google Ads certification?

The Google Ads certification is an official accreditation given out by Google themselves that certifies that you know how to use an aspect of their platform. For example, if you complete the search ads certification, then you’re certified in using the search ads channel on Google Ads. The certification also certifies that you understand concepts like campaign setup, management, optimization, and performance analysis.

How do I get Google Ad certified?

In order to get Google Ads certified, you will need to pass any of the Google Ads certification exams on the Skillshop website. There is an exam for each certification, and you only get certified after obtaining the pass mark.

How long does it take to finish Google Ads certification?

This will depend on how well-versed you are with Google Ads. If you already know how to use Google Ads, you can get certified in an hour or even less. On the other hand, if you still need to learn how to use the advertising tool, you might need a couple of weeks in order to learn how to use it sufficiently well and get certified.

Are Google Ads certifications worth it?

This is entirely a matter of perspective as some people will tell you that they’re not worth getting, while others will argue that they are imperative to building your clientele. In our opinion, having a certification is important but it won’t be a gamechanger. At the end of the day, however, determining if the Google Ads certification is worth it is completely up to you.

Why do I need Google Ads certification?

If you wish to take up a career in paid advertising, a Google Ads certification can help you get started on the right track. Not only will you learn how to use the right tools for the job and understand fundamental PPC concepts thanks to the Google Ads certification training that you’ll receive, but it could also make a fantastic addition to your resume and lend you credibility as a marketer.

Are Google Ads certifications free?

Yes, all of the Google Ads certifications on the Google Skillshop website are free of charge! Google offers these certifications as a way to educate and validate professionals in using their advertising platform effectively.

Is Google Ads Certification hard?

The Google Ads certifications aren’t particularly hard. If you’re already used to using Google Ads, you might actually find it quite easy. However, if you’re still not entirely familiar with the platform, don’t panic: with the right approach, you can pass with flying colors. Make sure to study well and practice as much as you can.

What jobs can you get with Google Ads certification?

There are plenty of Google Ads jobs and PPC careers that you can get from completing a Google Ads certification. Naturally, they will revolve around the use of the Google Ads platform. However, it’s also possible to find a job that requires you to use more paid advertising platforms, like Facebook Ads. The possible roles that you can find include positions like PPC specialist, digital marketing manager, advertising account manager, marketing coordinator, and freelance marketer.

Who should follow a Google Ads course?

Anybody who wishes to become proficient in a core aspect of digital marketing (paid advertising) ought to take a Google Ads complete course. It’s essential for anyone who wishes to either take up a career in digital marketing or else wishes to promote their business online.

What are the benefits of taking an online Google Ads course?‎

There are numerous benefits that you can gain from taking a PPC advertising course, other than simply learning how to use Google Ads. You’ll gain knowledge about paid advertising in general; practical advice from marketers who actually use Google Ads daily; advertising strategies that you can use for your own campaigns; and interactive exercises to start gaining some hands-on practice.

Should you take a Google Ads Scripts course?

Taking a Google Ads Scripts course can be highly beneficial for advertisers seeking to automate and streamline their campaign management. Learning how to write and implement scripts allows you to efficiently perform routine tasks, make data-driven optimizations, and save valuable time. While it may require basic knowledge of JavaScript, many courses offer beginner-friendly instruction, enabling you to harness the power of automation for your Google Ads campaigns.

What Google Ads courses are best for training and upskilling employees or the workforce?‎

For training a team, the best would be a Google Ads mastery course. In other words, a course that will take your employees from absolute beginners to marketing machines once they have completed it. For upskilling, you ought to consider a Google Ads advanced course, one that can impart advanced strategies that can make all the difference in your PPC campaigns.

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