What Are the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Google Ads?

What Are the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Google Ads?

Everyone has their preferred format for learning. However, there are so many ways to learn Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) that it can get too much to wrap your head around. So, if you're wondering how to learn Google Ads, we here at Ads Institute have been compiling lists of resources to help you out. This time round we are looking at the best YouTube channels to learn Google Ads.

The beauty of these YouTube channels is that not only can you how to use Google Ads but you can also learn tips, new strategies, and other ways of improving how you use Google Ads. Moreover, you can even find tutorials on using other PPC platforms, like Facebook Ads, as well as explanations of general pay-per-click concepts, data analytics, etc.

As a Google Ads agency that has helped educational organizations succeed via Google Ads, we hold education very close to our hearts, which is why we aim to educate our readers and even help them learn through sources other than ours!

best youtube channels to learn google ads
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What Are the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Marketing with Google Ads?

Of course, other than helping you learn Google Ads, these resources also deal with PPC in general, and some of them can even teach other forms of paid advertising, such as YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

In other words, these channels can not only help you become familiar with the Google advertising platform but can also take you through the process to becoming a complete PPC marketer by teach you how to use other paid marketing platforms as well as provide tips for improving your paid marketing.

Therefore, it might be worthwhile taking a look at the videos of the YouTube channels we’re mentioning in order to improve your digital marketing skills significantly.

Finally, the following YouTube channels that we have provided are presented in no particular order. In our opinion, they are all top YouTube channels for learning paid advertising and as well as aspects of using Google Ads.

1. Google Ads

google ads youtube channel

The first and most obvious choice in this list is the official Google Ads YouTube channel. There’s nothing quite like learning directly from the source, right? And naturally, since the channel is managed by Google itself, it will only deal with using Google Ads for your marketing.

So, you won’t find videos on how to use other marketing platforms or general paid advertising tips. Of course, this is why it’s a good idea to never stick to one resource when research, learning, and improving your skills. The other channels on our list, however, can fill in the gaps.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be using Google Ads (and who are we kidding? of course you are), this channel is essential as it provides tutorials on many aspects of the platform. In fact, you can find videos on basics like how to manage access to your Google Ads account, to trimming videos in Google Ads, to organizing keywords in Keyword Planner.

There is plenty of more value to be gotten from this channel, including success stories and keynote speakers.

2. Ed Leake

ed leake youtube channel

The next entry is an advanced YouTube channel that we wouldn’t recommend for anyone learning how to use Google Ads. This is because Ed Leake’s YouTube channel is aimed at providing tips and recommendations to marketers and agencies who are already using Google Ads and other platforms.

In fact, Ed Leake provides many videos not only on how to succeed at Google Ads, but also how to increase revenue to your PPC agency. On this topic, you can find videos such as how to boost your agency’s visibility and which kinds of clients you should refuse working for.

Then you will also find tips on PPC marketing like using AI to write copies, maximizing smart bidding, etc. Finally, Ed Leake also happens to be the creator of God Tier Ads, touted as one of the best Google Ads courses you can find, especially for advanced users of Google Ads that are looking to take their paid advertising skills to the next level. 

3. Isaac Rudansky

isaac rudansky youtube channel

Isaac Rudansky’s channel definitely merits the title of the best YouTube channel to learn Google Ads for beginners—or at least, one of the best channels! Rudansky’s aim is to teach beginner users how to use Google Ads, and he even has a Google Ads course specifically for this goal.

But other than his fantastic, beginner-oriented Google Ads course on Udemy, Isaac Rudansky’s YouTube channel has a plethora (well, over 300) of videos that mostly deal with using Google Ads. For instance, you can find videos on the Google Keyword Planner, landing page quality score, and a tutorial on conversion tracking.

Naturally, however, you can find videos related to other topics within paid advertising, such as a tutorial on using Facebook Ads, as well as insights into PPC in general, such as understanding buyer funnels. Overall, Isaac Rudansky’s channel is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to learn Google Ads.

4. Paid Media Pros

paid media pros youtube channel

As you can see from the image that introduces this entry, as well from the name of the entry, this next YouTube channel deals with paid marketing in general. In fact, the Paid Media Pros YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information of all things paid advertising.

And that’s because Paid Media Pros has a ton of videos on many things within PPC: from Google Ads to LinkedIn Ads to Microsoft Ads to YouTube Ads. Therefore, if your interest lies in paid digital marketing in general, this channel is fantastic for you!

However, if you’re pretty much only interested in Google Ads, the Paid Media Pros channel is also a great option to use because they have videos on just about everything you need to know on the Google platform.

In fact, you can find videos explaining the new Google Ads interface, to how to verify your Google Ads account, to explaining the different keyword status types.

5. MeasureSchool

measureschool youtube channel

MeasureSchool, as you can tell from the name, is an educational platform whose main focus is on data analytics. In fact, their slogan is “The Data-Driven Way to Digital Marketing”, so you can easily tell that they place an immense emphasis on using data in order to make your marketing decisions.

 A quick scroll through their videos will show you that the majority of their content revolves around data analytics, and using data in order to glean insights that help you optimize your marketing. For example, you can find a whole video courses for using Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and even tips about using GA4.

However, that’s not all you’ll be able to find, as you can also find tutorials and guides on how to use Google Ads, which is exactly why we’re including them in this article. Other than that, you can find slightly more advanced tutorials, such as explaining bid strategies, optimizing your Google Ads campaigns, etc.

6. Simplilearn

simplilearn youtube channel

This is another fantastic YouTube channel that’s specifically created to teach beginners skills from the ground up. And notice how we said “skills”: Simplilearn is a professional online certification company that focuses on advancing people’s careers by teaching them a variety of skills.

In fact, Simplilearn have courses on just about anything you can imagine: SEO, programming, Microsoft Excel, cyber security, machine learning, data science… you get the point. And of course, they also teach pay-per-click marketing and how to use Google Ads (otherwise they wouldn’t have made this list, would they?).

When it comes to teaching Google Ads and PPC, Simplilearn provide online video courses right on their YouTube channel, making it a strong contender for the title of the best YouTube channel to learn Google Ads for free. On their channel, you can find a whole playlist on learning Google Ads, and even a 5-hour crash course!

Other than their YouTube channel, we have said that Simplilearn offer certified courses, and you can use these to improve the appeal of your resume. It’s good to know that even Google themselves offer their own official accreditations known as “Google Ads Certifications”. If you wish to know which Google Ads certification is best for you and your marketing requirements, check out our article.

7. SF Digital Studios

sf digital studios youtube channel

Next up is a SF Digital Studios which is not as popular of a YouTube channel as some of the others we’ve mentioned so far, but as you know, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be receiving any great insights from this channel! Quite the contrary we would say.

The majority of SF Digital Studios’ videos focus on Google Ads: whether that’s explaining concepts tied to Google Ads; giving you a tutorial on how to set up audio ads; tips on the ideal campaign; or even opinion pieces, like how AI will affect marketers.

You can tell that this is a very comprehensive channel with regards to Google Ads. The channel also has other valuable videos to offer, such as interviews with established marketers and even some videos on YouTube Ads. All in all, this is a channel that anyone who wishes to learn how to use Google Ads ought to follow.

8. MeasurementMarketing.io

measurementmarketing.io youtube channel

This next entry is another educational company that focuses largely on teaching people how to properly leverage data analytics for their business, with a particular focus on Google Analytics. In fact, scrolling through MeasurementMarketing.io’s videos, you can find many videos on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

These videos are perfect for making the most of the data you’ll already be tracking (and if you’re not tracking any data, you really should start ASAP!) and using them to inform your marketing strategies. However, MeasurementMarketing.io’s focus is solely on analytics, so you won’t be able to find any tutorials on using Google Ads.

That doesn’t mean, however, that their videos won’t have any useful insights for your Google advertising campaigns. As a matter of fact, knowing how to use data to inform your strategies is imperative in the world of digital marketing.

Not only does the MeasurementMarketing.io YouTube channel have a wide array of video tutorials, but they also offer a host of other fantastic services, including their Measurement Marketing Academy, which is essentially a data analytics course, as well as whole toolbox of free tools to help you out.

9. PPCHeroBlog

ppc hero blog youtube channel

This is the YouTube channel of the renowned pay-per-click blog, PPC Hero, one of the best Google Ads blogs out there. Their blog is actually worth reading as it’s full to the brim with fantastic insights not only Google Ads, but also PPC marketing in general. It’s one of the best resource for paid marketers.

Naturally, then, you can expect the same level of value from the marketing insights posted on their YouTube channel—and we can tell you that you wouldn’t be disappointed! However, bear in mind that the PPCHeroBlog channel is aimed more at experienced marketers who already know a lot about paid marketing.

In fact, you’ll find that PPCHeroBlog posts long-form video content that delve really deep into rather advanced aspects of PPC, such as tips to improve your geo-targeting and ways of beating your competition in PPC.

It’s a shame that PPCHeroBlog hasn’t uploaded any new videos in 4 years. However, with a little over 200 videos available on their YouTube channel, I think you have a lot of catching up to do just the same!

10. Surfside PPC

surfside ppc youtube channel

Before going to our final entry, we have Surfside PPC, which is a marketing agency that has also made it their missions to educate as many people as possible on as many aspects as possible of marketing. In fact, you will be able to find tutorials on Facebook Ads, SEO, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, and of course, Google Ads.

As a matter of fact, the Surfside PPC YouTube channel offers an entire Google Ads YouTube tutorial that is perfect for anyone looking to learn about the Google Ads basics. Naturally, though, you can still follow the Surfside PPC channel for additional insights and tutorials on other facets of internet marketing.

So, when it comes to Google Ads, Surfside PPC provides plenty of tutorials that can teach you Google Ads in an hour, or even less. And that’s not to mention the other courses they provide on keyword research, bidding strategies, etc.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in other aspects of marketing, not only can you find tutorials on Bing Ads, Pinterest marketing, YouTube Ads, etc., but there are also videos on, for example, SEO mistakes to avoid and how to install Google Analytics. 

11. Solutions 8

solutions 8 youtube channel

Solutions 8 is a well-known Google Ads agency that also pulls out all the stops to educate its users and followers. It also happens that the CEO and founder of Solutions 8, Kasim Aslam, is one of the writers of one of the best Google Ads books out there: You vs Google. So, you can already tell that you will receive plenty of value from this YouTube channel.

And the great thing about the Solutions 8 YouTube channel is that it is aimed for marketers of all kinds of levels of experience. So, even if you’re a beginner trying to learn Google Ads, or you’ve been doing PPC marketing for the last few years, this channel is ideal for you no matter where you are in your marketing journey.

To illustrate this point, if you’re a beginner you can find a whole playlists on the basics of Google Ads, like how to set up campaign goals and track conversions. If you have more experience with Google Ads, you can find videos on how to avoid common Google Ads traps and using Google Ads on a tight budget, for example.

Which Channel Is the Best YouTube Channel to Learn Google Ads?

Wondering which one of our identified entries is the best YouTube channel to learn digital marketing with Google Ads? The answer is simple: all of them are good enough to qualify as “the best channel”. Ok, that’s a bit of a cop-out answer, but let us explain: the best channel for you will depend on your level of expertise and what kind of video you’re looking for.

While some YouTube channels are fantastic for absolute beginners to Google Ads, we understand that not all of our readers are beginners and need more advanced material for their needs. Moreover, each channel has their own style of teaching as well as their different areas of focus.

So, in reality, you simply have to try out the channels for yourself and find which one best suits your needs. Or else, you can try and glean some insights from each one of the channels we listed above, as that will make you a much more complete marketer!

Finally, to close off this article, if you’re looking for other resources that you can use to learn more about Google Ads, we have provided articles about other resources that can be used for your education. If you’re a fan of podcasts, for example, you can read our blog post on the best Google Ads podcasts to listen. So, the next time you’re commuting to work or going for a run, why not put on a podcast and learn more about PPC at the same time?

Otherwise, if you find yourself in need of speaking to like-minded marketers, our blost post about the best Google Ads forums will definitely hook you up with plenty of people who have been in PPC for years. The best thing about forums is that you can also ask questions that reflect your own unique experience in case you annot find an answer anywhere else.

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